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  1. Woman's Marmot PreCip Jacket - Size Small Price Reduced: $35 shipped Previous Yard Sale Ad
  2. Kayland Apex XT's Click Here For Previous Yard Sale Ad - The Wiregates however: SOLD Boots still available at a screaming deal.
  3. Nike Dryfit Bike Jerseys - Both have water bottle pockets on back. Short Sleve, Mens Large Worn once. $10 shipped Long Sleve Full Zip, Mens Large Warn once. $12 Shipped Performance Bicycle Shorts with chamois. Never worn. Size: Mens Medium $10 Shipped
  4. Kayland MXT w/eVent Liner $60 shipped, $50 local pickup. I live north of Marysville, work in Mount Vernon. Size: Mens 11.5 US (Very true to street shoe size. I wear 44.5-45 Sportiva's) Worn maybe a dozen times and in very good condition 7 outa 10. Has an eVent liner, stiff sole with rear crampon welt but hike well. Great 3 seson boot for snow, rock and scree. Been up Baker, trips in the Eldorado Icecap, Boston Bason (Sahale, Forbidden). I like the boot but just doesn't fit my feet right. I'd say the fit is somewhere between your average Sportiva and Scarpa Kaylands Site: http://us.kayland.com/details.php?id=38 Scarpa Spectro Climbing Shoes $50 shipped, $45 local pickup. Size: 43.5 EU Worn only a couple times. Thought I could suffer through them but no dice. Super agressive and nice shoe. Would love to keep them but they need to be at least a half size bigger for me. Alpinist Review Rock & Ice Review Moosejaw Description Little chalk on them but no wear
  5. I wear L/XL and with my BD Punisher as well as lighter softshell gloves the middle setting fits smooth. If you wear M in most gloves, even the smallest setting should feel ok.
  6. Boots? Fit fit and fit...and your personal level of comfort. People have gone up in the red Trangos but most will be happier with a little more boot. But once again fit. Especially on the long slogs. Something in the Nepal or Trango Extreme's from Sportiva. Freeney, Triolet or Mont Blanc from Scarpa. Apex XT from Kayland. Best advice would be to try on a bunch and see what fits best. Any of the guides Gyro listed will do you right. Good luck!
  7. Vernonika (spionin) climbs some hard ice (5's) with them...she has a Quark pinky rest...for the price you can really beat the deal
  8. The 3 line on G1 was beat to snot and not worth climbing yesterday. Fat Chance and Thin Chance on the corner were hooky and fun...lower Green Sleeves was fat and untouched. G2 and Hangover were looking mighty fine. Cave and Gully has a horizontal fracture on the top curtain and seemed steep. Matrix was touching and after the short bulgy start could go as a 3. Feeding the Cat was sticky. Like Kev said...snag the guide and go crazy!
  9. Joe - We'll be in Bozeman again tomorrow through Monday if you can swing anything earlier. Troy
  10. t_rutl

    Leash length

    i'm 6'4" and use a 60cm and a treking pole...if you're just talking glacier travel...BD slider leash which attaches to you wrist...long enough to switch hands while frenching...not too long to trip over...and its adjustable
  11. maybe the Coleman seracs on Baker if you can access them
  12. they look like mine...maybe even in better shape ask BD about their "curb test"...they have intern beat the shaft 100 or so times against a curb then flip it and smash the other...it is then brough in and still passes the strength tests for certification you're good but if you're still concerned you can send it to BD and they eval it for free
  13. Depends on what kind of alpine rock you'll be doing. If your normal 60m pitch gig than stay with a single rated rope...one that can handle the abrasion and possible falls on rock. Dan gave you a rec on Mammut's 8.9 available which is light and a quality rope. Something in the mid-9's seems to be standard. Anything Mammut, Beal, Edelweiss or Petzl will do you right. Just make sure it has a good dry cover on both the sheath and core. Now if your alpine rock will mostly encompass ridge traverses, exposed scrambling and the occasional short (10-20 meter) technical pitch than you could go with an 8mm double (just one). Think Mammut Phoenix/Petzl Dragonfly. Super light, which you'll love on those glacier slogs and is more than adequate for glacier travel. When you hit the rock, double it over and use it in a 30m double rope fashion. Just fine for something like Forbidden's West Ridge and the likes. Simu-climb then pitch out the short technical steps.
  14. nice wayne...sweet little cred ya got too! cool to see steph as well
  15. I find that even with the silver Trango Extremes vs. Nepal EVO's in the larger sizes. That sole flex translated to noticeable instability on vert ice for me. Thanks for giving that insight on the Cholatse. It may fit like a glove or suck worse than this weeks weather. Let us know what you find Bill.
  16. Jens is a stud plain and simple. To me, his opinion is worth some serious consideration most likely quite spot on. Asolos are all over the place that I have notices (although I have not tried the Cholatse). Their Powermatic backpacking boot fits narrow and like a dream (for me). Their Makalu fit wide and sloppy for my foot. Here's another corroboration of Jens' take (last post from another reliable source): Kayland M11 vs. Asolo Cholatse I say find them and give them a whirl! I'm tempted too... Troy
  17. you better have video too there V!
  18. thanks guys. i picked them up for $230 and gave them a shot. performance wise they are a spectacular boot but i haven't worn them since May so figured i get them out the door at a good deal for somebody who maybe doesnt have the money to spend $300 on a pair of alpine boots you can also lap ice in.
  19. cant go wrong with the Farvre
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