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  1. warmth is similar and while the ThermaWrap gets the edge in lightness, you will sacrifice durability and weather proofness. although my experience with the Compressor is limited.
  2. i wish but this trip was a last min plan and we stayed low on the mountain...colfax was outa view..as of yesterday the approach was super lax...might do the CD this weekend with a buddy who's never been up Baker...if so i plan on doing some recon
  3. been open for a little while now...since mid-sept or something
  4. the CD should be fine...just watch for thin bridges...rockfall seems to be minimal
  5. Trip: Coleman Seracs - Date: 11/1/2009 Trip Report: Skeptical of Sunday's forecast made plans to get out on the seracs. Roomie had never been on the ice before so figured it'd be a good place for an intro. Got to the Heliotrope parking lot around 9 or so. Parking was full but mostly skiers. There was a light dusting at 3,700' but the ground was not frozen. We lucked out on forecast: beautiful blue skies. The snow has fallen. Everything was dusted white with a few new inches of luscious powder down low. Heliotrope is still in good condition and easily followed to Kulshan Cabin and Hogsback. With the low temps the stream crossings are mild with only a few iced over rocks here and there. Temps were in the 20's. Once down below the moraine (took the low climber's trail out from Kulshan Cabin) its a straight shot to the ice. No noticeable rock fall on the lower mountain. All the ice had a light dusting on it and with the cold temps was quite brittle. Lots of fun to still be had. We found a nice 40-50 foot vert wall with a step down to another 15 foot section. Set a tope rope for the roomie and after some warm up did some soloing since the runout was a big pile of powder. Got 3-4 hours in and was fun. Loving the new Corbras but the G12's weren't as functional on the steep, hard ice. Felt good to get back in the swing of things and stoked for the coming season. Conditions are still good and with the favorable forecast this coming week/weekend should still be good to get some. Baker around noon with some sweet sublimation off the summit. Ice. More ice. Baker in the twilight. The North Ridge is looking mighty fine... Approach Notes: Quick hike to the ice!
  6. this very important thread should be made a sticky
  7. where you been Dew? dont go binge on Halloween candy!
  8. imo i think a 15 deg and 0 deg can be made close when it comes to comfort...you could sleep with an extra layer or two on and prob get similar results...if you sleep on the cold side and/or you think you'll be doing larger mountains pursue a -20...if you sleep on the warm side and prob wont hit up a larger mountain (even if you do you can rent for that 3 week period) pick up a 0 degree...marmot lithium is a nice one to look as well as the ones you mentioned
  9. you dont have to climb in the winter to know if you sleep on the cold or warm side...and it is a very relevant point
  10. tom cruise will always prevail
  11. Top 50 Worst Halloween Costumes
  12. Hey Bob, was in the same boat as you...ice climbing looked kick ass but had nobody in on it. Ended up spending a week in Ouray, CO. Took an ice course through San Juan Mountain Guides and did laps in the ice park. You could do similar things in Hyalite. Prob the best way to jumpstart the skills. a prev thread on the subject here: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/908933/Question_on_classes_in_climbin#Post908933 Troy
  13. t_rutl

    Dystonia Disorder

    sad. but a perplexing condition... [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEN5KGwNGeo
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