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  1. Apex XT's also include your choice of blue or green Superfeet. Buy the boots, you can have the biners too.
  2. Thanks Dane. Superb clarification. Excited to see what will be offered through Coldthistle
  3. a second thanks for the update
  4. no experience with that Lowa boot but I'm sure it will perform well if it fits well. I'm in the same boat with narrow/low volume feet. Trangos with the orange Superfeet work well for me and the Silver Evo Extreme performs well and is warm enough for 95%+ of what I'll do and it is comfortable to hike in. Did the slog up the DC on Rainier when the Paradise trails were all pavement with no comfort issues. The Nepal fits well too, especially in the heel. Locks down quite nice. That and it has a customizable tongue to better improve the fit. It's just shy of a pound heavier per pair.
  5. brilliant wayne! and sweet vid! quite a bit fatter than nov...
  6. Kayland Apex XT Boots w/eVent liner $125 shipped, $115 local pickup. I live north of Marysville, work in Mount Vernon. Size: 11.5 US (Very true to street shoe size. I wear 44.5-45 Sportiva's) Worn twice (Whitehorse in March/Shuksan in May) and in great condition 8-9 outa 10. Has an eVent liner, stiff sole but hike well and is warm but not insulated. I like the boot but just doesn't fit my feet right. I'd say the fit is somewhere between your average Sportiva and Scarpa. Kayland's site: http://us.kayland.com/details.php?id=34 Omega Pacific 4.0 Wiregate Carabiners 8 total. $25 shipped, $20 local pickup. I live north of Marysville, work in Mount Vernon. New with tags, never racked. major axis strength 26kn minor axis strength 9kn open gate strength 8kn weight 45 grams
  7. I have a new BD modular adze, standard size...has never been installed $10 + $5 for shipping if you want it. http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en-us/shop/climb/technical-ice-tools/standard-adze
  8. not only does he solo the route but performs an impromptu rescue/assist... from BD's site: now that's badass!!
  9. ahh...you're so modest V...i'm still working on the complex i have from a girl outclimbing me! especially the times i'm cleaning the route and thinking to myself "wtf?! who in their right mind would climb this on the pointy end?!" it's the ballveries... great to find such awesome people to partner with from just good 'ol cc.com!
  10. my experience is by no means as extensive as John's or Wayne's but solid footwork, proper lock-off positions and not death-gripping your tools will sway the pump...that and just relaxing, breathing in those stressful sections. Training when not on the ice will help keep what stamina and strength you've gained I've top-roped climbing with a mountaineering axe and no leash. That sucked. But the pinky rests on the new leashless take quite the load off your need to grip. I will second Alex's notion to look at the last generation BD Vipers and add a Fang if they don't already have one. Best of both worlds and you can find them fairly inexpensive.
  11. how are things looking as of recent Dane?
  12. t_rutl


    i cant wait until he gets auto tuned... God Bless America! [video:youtube]
  13. hellz yeah V! good to get out! need to make another day trip soon...when the cold snap sets things back up after Christmas???
  14. nice! looks like a great trip! how'd you like the swing on the new fusions vs. nomics?
  15. can't wait for this season's TR's D!
  16. anything looking good your way Sol?
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