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  1. I have used once metolius single bomb shelter (has a 1/4 hole in material) and a new bomb shelter single rainfly I am never going to use (never going to be a solo wall aider) - $700 http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/portaledges.html Buyer pays shipping from Cali
  2. I still have this Bosch drill and its actually still new. Anyone interested? Comes with 3/8 & 1/2 bit. $350 - I am living somewhere that I can only hand drill. BD stoppers still available as well.
  3. These boots wont go away 100 + shipping from cali.
  4. Don't need boots - buddy picked up some ski's just looking for some dynafit bindings.
  5. Looking for another relatively cheap alpine touring set-up for a buddy. 176-180ish length dynafit bindings.
  6. Got a gently used light weight backpacking stove you want to get rid of send me a PM
  7. Not sure what the BSL is as I am currently out of town. Probably get that info on the internet? These boots are too big for me thus I am getting rid of them I wear a 9ish street shoe and went to a Scarpa Skookum 26. These boots should fit someone with a 10ish street shoe. May try head to a local shop to try on a pair of scarpa 27's if they fit then these should work just fine. I am traveling until the 28th send me a PM if interested and I will get back to you then.
  8. Yeah no shortage of big stuff... IF I go it won’t be until August
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