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  1. Eldo, Sahale, Whitehorse, Sisters Range, Adams Those are fun one (long) day outings...nice to crash at the TH for the longer ones
  2. yup! just got a PM from Jared. thanks Kurt.
  3. SEWS and Liberty Bell are warm and dry. Approached that and LB in tennies but was a little sketch in the AM going up between LB and Concord. There is only snow for the last couple hundred feet though. Was hard before the sun hit it but did it just fine taking it easy. Much more snow though heading to SEWS but still fine in tennies. There was a guy up there in Chacos. All the routes look free and clear of snow. Blue Lake Trail is snow free.
  4. I was on the South Arete, you guys were on something hard. Spoke from across the way. Got those pics, shoot me a PM if ya see this and I'll email ya. Troy
  5. wow. wayne could be the king of traverses. very impressive outing and amazing pictures.
  6. they also recommend them for Baker. usually to prevent user error or to insure the client doesn't end up bringing an inadequate boot or one that wasnt maintained. but none of the major guide companies require them for a summer trip up Rainier just to clarify. if they are required for whatever reason or that is what you would prefer, i'd just rent unless you can find a dirt cheap pair or plan on winter climbing, trips to AK or other, higher elevs. just my 2 cents. either way, have a fun trip and enjoy.
  7. Why plastics? There are insulated synthetic/leather boots out there that are more than adequate for a summer Rainier trip and are lighter and much more comfy. Think Trango Extreme, Nepal Evo's, Scarpa Freney and boots in that category.
  8. yeah, not worth reading comments anymore. ignorant, lifeless tools spew their opions and judments without a clue.
  9. "His companions stopped to rest, and when they pulled in the rope to regroup they discovered that Lewis had unclipped from the rope and was no longer with them, said Lee Taylor of the National Park Service." That's an add one but hope they find him and soon.
  10. http://www.komonews.com/news/local/97679934.html
  11. Hero HD is great. Small. Light. Good batt life. Superb mounts. Inexpesive OEM accesories and extras. Killer footage quality. And you can buy it at REI or Backcountry.com and take advantage of their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 720p @ 30fps is fine for everything I've done the files are a bit smaller. Even taken it SCUBA diving. Waterproof to 180'. I pushed it to 60'.
  12. I'll second Mount Adams and Sahale. But if you're coming this far up for Sahale come up for a few days. Add Eldorado and Klawatti to the mix. Eldorado Ice Cap is a beautiful place with many non-technical peaks and realtively benign glacier travel.
  13. i bought metolius's cam cleaner and lube...been happy with it
  14. Feathered Friends and the downtown REI are within walking distance of each other and will give you a very good taste of what's out there between the two.
  15. +1 seracs are a great start J. good time and place to work on the skills in a pretty controlled environment. that and aren't distracted by the bitter cold of winter and can take more time to focus than try and stay warm.
  16. 2 batts in a D90 you'll be fine. i take my D3000 ice climbing and in single digit temps it lasts for several hundred shots on a charge over several days. same with a winter climb up Whitney. also i never temp matched mine. just stow and go, point and shoot! be sure to post a TR with some of the pics. T
  17. kick-ass J! way to do work...impressive TR as always
  18. I'll email you a large pic (not sure how to get the x-tra large versions in a post).
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