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  1. Nice work guys! I however thought Lincoln was a fine alpine route. And the views? C’mon! Baker, Assassin Spire, Colfax, Seward and the Sisters range! Hard to please ya all. good luck on getting the other 8 summits.
  2. Nice JG! Awesome crew and the usual great pics we expect….but none of horrible looking corpse thumb for enjoyment?
  3. Hey thanks for the TR and pictures, that is such an awesome place and a fun route. I am curious, are you saying people bailed from there bivy site due to the storm and just left there belongings behind in a retreat panic? And like didn’t come back for them? I’m thinking that stuff is yours now.
  4. What a bunch of BS. Zig Zag is such a classic, why anyone would think they need to change it is to fit there ideas makes me wanna take my cordless sawzall out for a stroll.
  5. Seward is a wicked, all Black Buttes aficionados should consider it.... nice work chosser’s
  6. Nice one, thanks for sharing. the Wrangell-Saint Elias is so incredibly epic beyond words. Is Chuck’s flight service in Glennallen?
  7. Those are quite the snowshoe action shots. It almost looks fun, almost.
  8. Jason: You nailed it, sprinters are so 2018! Try hauling a load of fire wood or moving some furniture in your sprinter, not happening. Kit: That pic is from the Copper River, AK.
  9. 2014 Camplite 5.7 camper for Tacoma or similar truck. All aluminum construction so light and strong, just under 1000lbs unloaded. Lightly used and in great shape, everything works. Sleeps 2 comfortably and 3 in a pinch. Propane fridge and furnace for winter camping. Roof rack, ladder and Thule box. contact for more info and pics. $10,000
  10. I have an original Bibler Eldorado W/ vestibule in mint condition if interested.
  11. Congrats on APB! That’s a burly Choss pile. Don’t think I will be repeating that one, but glad that it’s in the bag. Don’t think it sees too much traffic. thanks for the TR!
  12. Love it! That is such an amazing area. And Arches(li’l J-berg), I think about it’s majesty all the time!
  13. Great looking stuff guys! Amazing how new routes can still be had on such a popular peak. Embrace the Choss dogs, become a millionaire.
  14. Nice one Kit and J! Looks like a great trip. Do you recall that post climb meal we had at Good Food when that feral kitty stole that burger right off of one of those moldy picnic tables?
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