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  1. I can’t recall which one was best: Wiser’s Deluxe? Or Wiser’s Special Blend?
  2. A few more pics from a great trip! can’t hardly wait to get back to NZ Thanks for making this happen Steve!
  3. Good times Choss Dogs. Poop and skiing bring people together.
  4. [TR] Big Snow! - Jefferson Smootship 10/31/2017

    That was a great end of season trip Jason. Thanks for coming up with that one, you and Jeffery Smoot!
  5. Damn those pics are nice! And another great latch trip.
  6. Another great trip J ! The new camera, although heavy, delivers. That area is definitely a place I would go back too. The amount of raptors flying around on that grassy ridge is amazing. It's a great place to listen to Pink Floyd and get dive bombed by owls. Thanks JGAP LLC!!
  7. [TR] Four Days in Boston Basin 8/1/2017

    Glad you had a good trip to the NCNP and the weather cooperated. I spend half my year in AK, and the less desirable other 6 months in WA and playing in the North Cascades, weather permitting. I feel your pain with the anti-summer in the Anchorage area. It has been really cool, wet and grey in this part of Alaska as well. You will have to come back! (Bummer about the ring).
  8. Choss Dog Millionaires in pursuit of the Repulsive 69.... Beautiful!
  9. Wicked Sick! That's a sweet tick Spiceman and Morgan!
  10. Solid work guys! Looks like a grand adventure. So much chossy goodness.
  11. Nice work Guys! Great photos as always J. Wish I could have been along. The snowshoe pic is priceless.
  12. Nice one J and Trent! Brings back good memories of doing those climbs with Dallas 20+ years ago. Now about this tennis elbow, I did not know people from the Skag played tennis? Glad it's not effecting your Choss Dogging. And This Blue Collar Tour, does that mean no Tech Bros should undertake these climbs?
  13. Best metal bands

    Fudge Tunnel Prong Slayer Ministry Sepultura
  14. [TR] Davis Peak - South Ridge 6/3/2017

    100 trip reports! That equals a lot of Choss Dog Bucks. You are a Millionaire!! Been great to be along on some of your trips!
  15. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    Inreach use the Iridium satellite network, which is is very expansive and will work anywhere on the planet. Spot uses Global Star with limited satellite coverage. If you are planning trips to Alaska, northern Canada and the greater ranges I would stick with Inreach