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  1. Has anyone done the west face or the cave route on Brogan Spire? How is the rock quality, route finding, grade accuracy, and descent? Thanks
  2. That is a funny link there Ken Mine is the BD .4 camelot
  3. sorry to say, but saturday FAWKING ROCKED good friction out there...winter is coming
  4. SMITH 's Heresy, Lion's Jaw, Nine Gallon Buckets, swan song-northern point, handyman, bouldering, filming, simul-soloing round-river 3 times. Simul-soloed double take to get up the northern point. Another awesome weekend
  5. Liberty Ridge NEB Slesse S.F. Prussik Torment Forbidden N.B. Fury
  6. There are so many good routes in the PNW, this is really tough. -North Ridge of Stuart(gendarme)-Sooo goood, and good style -Hood-South Side-A route that you can go solo in the winter just to be outside playing in the mountains -Smith-Lion's Jaw-a great connection to smith -Dreamer-awesome style, and great climbing. How bout' that last crimpy pitch 1200 feet off the deck -Backbone Ridge w/fin direct on Dragontail-we were committed, and battled through getting off route with a storm approaching. Great rock and pitches. Keep um' comin'
  7. -South-east ridge of North Sister...loose, with a lot of objective hazards -Wy-east on Hood...It isn't that interesting, or sustained, but the summit traverse is cool. -D.C. on Rainier- beautiful mountain, but too many people, not enough adventure on this route. -Remorse start to Outerspace...From now on, I will get to those upper pitches as quickly as possible -BBQ the pope-traversy, and makes me realize how shitty my smith climbing technique really is Its tough to name bad routes, it seems like I have learned something from every route I have done, these routes just didn't inspire
  8. First Kiss is a great introduction to multi-pitch climbing. Ledges are great at each belay, and it is bolted safely. I will be at smith this weekend pullin' for sure. grasslands friday night late
  9. Started climbing at Castlewood Canyon State Park, where the hardest climbs were 5.9+, and probably still are. I think the hardest I every pulled there on TR was 5.9+. It was a severely overhanging hand and fingers crack that had me dizzy by the top. Got my ass handed to me on a 5.7 a few months back . I probably started on the 5.6's.
  10. Actually the big five music recording companies did say no, by filing an injunction against Napster for copyright infrindgement. They did shut down napster, and are pissed about what these peer-2-peer systems are doing to their copyright holders(artists) profits and theirs. REI on the other hand promotes this through their policies. Obviously they are taking a leap of faith, that people won't goto foriegn countries and bring shit back to scam them....Funny story by the way ....But if REI keeps a policy like this, surely they know what is going to happen. The key is for only a SMALL NICHE of the market to be doing this...i.e. dirtbags like us. Sometimes it is better not to start threads like this, because now, instead of REI viewing this as a small portion of the community honestly wearing out their products quickly, or using their stuff hard, they find that they are getting taken advantage of, thus RUINING this cool thing we had going...Now you better just get your kicks in before the whole shit house goes up in flames
  11. Nice! Keep em' coming Gotta get the stoke on for the new season, but also remember the one we are leaving
  12. I am curious.... What are your 5 favorite routes in the Cascades? Snow,ice,rock,mixed....Anything. What are your best memories
  13. steriods, , and That way you can be strong, have good headspace, and be having fun at the same time. Gotta balance these things out doncha know The trick is finding out the balance that works for you......ohhh ahhhh..... My current balance allows me to french free 5.8+, but I figure with a few more uppers I can be pulling 5.9 on gear(literally) Hope this help
  14. Yos. is also 12 hours away..... But I think I will just take another swill of the old cough syrup and dream I am in Yos., ahh thats nice, who says night quill isn't the shizza. Man, I never knew I could pull so hard, this stuff is really confidence building. (cough syrup)
  15. BIG ALPINE Potter set the stage with his feat in Patagonia... New stuff is bing done in the Himalaya's at a high technical standard in single push efforts. It would be cool to see ultra difficult routes put up on the big mountains of the world....Crystal Snake
  16. Good call, it was a Kemper, not a Lamar, in fact the only thing I remeber Lamar making was snowboard t-shirts. And Morrow, yeah, those were the three....Morrow, kemper and Burton.
  17. My first board was a Lamar, when Lamar and Burton were head to head in the late 80's. Burton had just come out with the Burton Air, which revolutionized the industry. That first Lamar was good, but slowely Burton took hold, and Lamar lost its competitive advantage. It appears they are making a come back these days, but with the big name companies with a strong hold on the mature market..blah blah blah.... For a beginner any board will do, but when you really start caring about your style of riding you will want to delineate between wood and foam cores, length, snap, shape, and overall feel. I used to work for Wild Duck snowboards, who are a european based company who produces wood core boards. I am 5' 9 1/4" and would ride a 151 in the park, because the shorter length is easier to spin off of, and sliding rails is much easier due to less weigth. I would ride a 158 for powder days, as it will float much better. A shorter board will be easier to control for a beginner, and a wood core seems like a much more stable design that will last much longer than a foam core. I now ride a Burton. It is foam core, and has the most SNAP of any board I have ever owned. Two years ago I bought a Burton, and trashed it within 10 days. Blew two edges out, took core shots all over, and ripped the lamenet off the top. I sent it back to burton, and they sent me a new board under warrenty Never Summer also makes AMAZING boards from what I have heard. my 2 cents
  18. Make a difference for better or worse.... Tonight at midnight is the cut-off for voter registration. Do your part
  19. MONSTER TOWER MONSTER TOWER MONSTER TOWER say that 3 times fast, and figure out where that leaves you
  20. Climb: Mt. Washington-North Ridge Date of Climb: 10/8/2004 Trip Report: Heres a TR for all you people bitchin about nothing getting done in Oregon. We Climbed the North Ridge on Friday morning, beating the storm that has now covered the mountain in a snowy layer of frosting. We did the "eastern" variation", which was great. Gear Notes: #1&2 BD
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