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  1. so there's a male whale and a female whale swimming along when the male whale sees a ship. he turns to the female whale and says "that's the ship that killed my father! we can't let them go, we have to get revenge" female whale "ok. what do you propose we do?" male whale " we'll swim underneath the ship, blow air through our blow holes which will cause the ship to roll and all those bastards will drown" female whale " sounds good" so they swim under the ship blow a bunch of bubbles, the ship founders and starts to sink. male whale "that went well...oh damn the sailors are still alive they abandoned ship! we have to kill them, in the name of my father!" female whale "how should we do that" male whale "we'll just swim up and swallow them" female whale "hey, i agreed to the blowjob, but there is no way i'm swallowing seamen!"
  2. that's what i'm talking about! let blow those care bears back to the hell they crawled out of!
  3. that's ok, if i ever meet yah i'll buy you a if this thread doesn't cause a brain hemmorage first
  4. christ not another one of you people born in the 80's! at least tell me that you can buy beer...legally in the US.
  5. in the name of all things holy, quit posting these images! it's like walking into my sisters room about two decades ago
  6. i have a buddy who uses this same question on me all the time, although it goes something more along the lines of. "what is the point of not using a sled to get in the backcountry? we have the technology and fuel so use it" to which my usual response is "i like to skin in...it's fun" it's all arbitrary and pointless Lionel Terray summed it up with "Conquistadors of the Useless "
  7. dude this kills me i love my hh, but i never change the pivot points (leave em on 4!) and i still have the old heels (which suck!) so don't have to worry bout riding down with 30 degree heel lift. still faster than most on the uphill, and my split friends enjoy the uptrack i lay down...gotta love fat skis!
  8. bDubyaH


    but on the very last day would you hunt...people?
  9. bDubyaH


    word. i would definitely do some crazy shit. since work wouldn't be an issue (don't have to worry about being old and poor!) i would start up one hell of a credit card based road trip!
  10. that has been my season for the past year. i'm ready for a new season!
  11. Huh? Your pedaling a bike! It's the same damn muscles - different intervals, but the same motions. How are they different? when you run (only run on trails) your feet and legs have to adjust to many different angles, which tweak all of the small muscle groups. on my road bike i am locked in with carbon fiber shoes and a pedal that has 3 degrees of float, not exactly working all of the small muscle groups. also cycling should be a circular motion not just a piston pump. try running like that and see how far you get
  12. at least you know what you are looking for in a "relationship"
  13. i think running is better, although hard mt. biking would be a close second. road biking works different muscles, so while your cardio is in good shape your muscles with be sore as hell cycling is definitely less abusive, although i have been injured while training for races. make sure the bike is fitted properly if you are going to ride for lots of miles don't know, but you can certainly train for cardio zones on a bike and it is easier to maintain them while cycling. should do a max heart rate test for cycling and running, they are often different for different activities this worked well for me
  14. About fucking time someone smelled the coffee and brought this up. Hello! i should be really strong then. wonder what went wrong
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