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  1. "billy is gay" We now return to the regular broadcast channel......
  2. Pardner for this coming Friday to accompany a easy going freak up some snow and rock and ice. If the rockband isn't "in" then i would be interested in the east face. Ski/Snowshoe in Friday morning and do the thing, ski out...I am open to alternatives...the couloir looks really good though! Knifeblades and stubby's welcome Lets get after it
  3. Huge icefall and rockfall on Sandy Headwall last winter. Broke a few fingers on my right hand....Took a large chunk of rock to the head, and many smaller chunks of ice....I have been hit in the head many times by ice in the cascades in winter....Not to much rockfall...Helmets ROCK! The real question is Has anyone been hit in the junk by ice or rockfall
  4. Jlag, Timm@y, and the Bend posse..... How is the road into pole creek right now? How is the trail in regards to snow coverage? Thanks a million for the help
  5. Yeah, the guy in the red hoodie(burdo) has poison oak all over his face...his eyes are all sunk....he looks all cracked out, and his van got broken into last night, everything was stolen..... Rob joined me for a session UNDER THE BRIDGE.... we are heading back down there shortly with rebar and sledgehammers to make some bomber handcracks.... I don't know what Seattle, B-ham, Or PDX has, but here in cornvalley, we got indian creek esque crack climbing.... there is evena beautiful, peaceful..gurguling sewage drainage rolling under foot SCORE
  6. skyclimb

    Weather Sucks

    Thank for the support Dru, I have been working hard at that goal for a long time...Its always nice to have positive re-inforcements, and to realize all my hard work hasn't gone un-noticed
  7. skyclimb

    Weather Sucks

    Its always nice UNDER THE BRIDGE Jimmy buffet it always playing, PBR is always tapped, and the women....well the women CRANK harder than me
  8. When your ride to smith leaves without you People in the gym are afraid of you and you are sick of the sun The only logical place to be is UNDER THE BRIDGE
  9. My progression: Boot tracking.... Snowslewing.... Skiing...silvretta's....falling down, making an ass of myself, and still beating the competition since 2002. I am the first to admit....skiing sux, snowboarding is way funner, but skiing will allow you approach mountains quicly and efficiently
  10. LeTigreRocks69 Occupation: starving, musician/record store clerk, indie music snob WHERE IS LAYTON.... dude, maybe she doesn't sport burlap sacks for clothing, but she is starving...thats gotta count for something right
  11. Take the time to heal properly, and from a legal standpoint, don't start climbing to quickly before you heal if you plan to be compensated accuratly for "pain and suffering". That said, I was climbing with broken fingers three weeks after it happened last winter/spring. RING LOCKS HURT---flakes of wrath , mtb slickrock trail....hands bouncing up and down.... But it is all fun now in retrospect keep exercising and get better quickly
  12. Rafted the rogue river friday, sat,sun,mon. Paddled hard, swam really hard, and drank so much beer, wine, and whiskey that I think my liver is cracked.
  13. skyclimb

    This weekend...

    Riding the ragin' rogue till the beer is gone and the shit eatin' grin is fully restored....rafts,kayaks,friends,12 foot waterfalls....I need an adventure
  14. sounds reasonable...If only I were in Seattle
  15. Thanks for all your posts. Some promising stuff out there.....
  16. Good call Dru, Gotta get the Motavation to get all the way up there, but when I do, GAME ON. Spiral looks sweet
  17. .4 BD's stem is inflexible, due to the trigger- placements must be shallow, they walk like little bastards, and if you have ever fallen on one in Volcanic Ash, you will abolish it to the lower caste of your rack and decide that the yellow alien is one of your most trusted companions. Of course, there are people out there who take repeated 50 footers on .2 BD cams in sandstone. .4 BD is my most unused piece of climbing equipment. It still gets use, but I use alien power whenever possible. Now the .5 BD is a completely different story, the junior kicks ass.
  18. Thats cool shit! We were up there on Sunday climbing, and saw these people jugging lines. We figured it was some locals who had fixed the A3 pitch, and were finishing the line. THEN, it dawns on us that the super-stars in town might be trying to free that som-bitch. That Roof is HUGE. Great position for sure. There is a picture of it on Smithrock.com under Ryan Lawson. "The last great crack waiting a free ascent in Smith Rock"per alan Watts.
  19. I was wondering about that south buttress, great advise. Basically I am trying to put together a nice solo course for Sundays, when I can only climb for 4-5 hours. Looking at doing Round River, West Buttress on Brogan, South Buttress on Brogan, Cave Route, and finally the right hand Tail line. Seems like a good course, but I gotta get some other feautres in there. I believe there are some good climbs just south of brogan that have cruiser lines, any beta on solid climbs 5.5 or lower?
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