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  1. Need route info for sport. Top-rope or lead, either. Anyone been, and suggestions as to some kick ass shit.
  2. Even in Nick Dodges book which was written in the late 70's, there is very little info on more technical alpine climbs. However he does hit upon rooster rock, for all you who know whats up. All i have to say is i bushwacked this "basin", and wow. But anyways, gotta keep my head in one place. Ohigh is the shizzle. Right on!
  3. whats up? which one in your opinion?????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. actually, i just got back from a slideshow given by the famous fred becky, who put up routes on these peaks, and who is a legend in the climbing community. He showed slides of these peaks, and although i don't recall the names, they are in B.C. close to alberta.
  5. coming back into U.S. via Vancouver, got stopped at the boarder to get checked. They always check me for some reason. I had a chalk bag in the front seat. After dogs go through, tear everything to shit, they finally realize it is just chalk, and not enough coke to get America high.
  6. skyclimb

    Mt. Lassen

    Whats the situation?
  7. One of my best pieces of gear, and one of the most useful is the North Face Snowshoe. This bag is rated at 0. It has great loft, is baffled, and has never left me cold. Furthermore, this bag due to the material is only slightly heavier and less compressable than down. Synthetics retain 80 of insulation quality when wet, so this bag for winter is perfect for me. I always sleep in my clothes anyway cause it makes it easier in the morning, so in the winter is insulates fine. Hood that can be made into a pillow, light. Man i just have good things to say about this bag, but the best part. PAYED 167.50 for it brand new. check the internet. this was last year. NF was selling them for 210.00. found a liquidation.
  8. Gotta be the shit for that money, but why spend the flow? Many other cheaper brands, just as durable. Arc has nice design, very snug fit, good for ice climbing in specific. Alpine shit, but not worth the flow.
  9. Anyone been into the Kananaskies backcountry lately, and if so how are the conditions. Specifically Mt. Joffre and Warrior Peak?
  10. When it comes to cheap good gear nothing in my mind beats MEC. Lasts long, is on the level, and is cheap. Never been to CMS, however am intrusted to MEC. LIke broadway, good stores, but expensive. MEC is the score. By outerwear there, and layering garments, all MEC cheap.
  11. this isn't first fucking grade, or is it?? Come on people and share the rock. There is plenty to go around. If there is a big problem work something more stimulating!
  12. better than sex, climbing and work. okay maybe not work, but then what is???
  13. tell me about that shit. Friends ask why i look like i slept in the back of a car, "well my gear ain't wrinkled"
  14. drink a ton of water. When i climb day in and day out for long periods of time i get soreness/pain in my left elbow. My cure is too drink so much water i am pissin on the wall while climbing. Oil for cars, water for humans. Do yourself a favor and lube up next time.
  15. It is just another tool. Just another way to gain knowledge for a destination. The interest of climbing for climbers is the unknown. For me this unknown is a great learning tool, and a great ride, sure to put a big ole grin on my mug. Anyway, i think idiots who only use one source, will die eventually. But so will i, so who cares what the next fool does.
  16. climb, and boulder a load. Goto the climbing gym(yes, the climbing gym) and do the same route as many times as possible. Practice traverses, and twisting manuevers. This on top of a ton of water. Ever liter you drink is 30 calories burned. Tons of water, spagetti, and a good torso work out three to four times a week, and you should be set. Plus as i read earlier the cold weather thing works great. My girl said she had never seen me look better than after a two week stint of the flu. Do they give viral injections?? For the time being i will stick to my usual, and hope to burn it all off having fun; not worrying about how my abs look, but how strong they really are.
  17. chimchanga's, corn dogs, and a few shots of whiskey to get things rumbling
  18. Climber Green butte on February 2nd. Perfect day as far as snow conditions go. The weather had been sunny for close to a month, and this was the first cold spell, so solid base. Began the climb at 3:30 from bunny flats. Reached arete at the old ski bowl at around 7:30. Winds began to howl. 80mph. Solo, but kept moving on. Front pointing around pinnacles breaking the arete. About half way up to sargents winds became too much, and turned back. Great mountian, but so large in comparison to surroundings, it feed on storms. High winds.
  19. climbed the south side on sunday. Sumitted at 9:30, storm blew in at 9:00, cloud level 9,500. Talked to the guy on his way up at 11:00. He was at 9,000. I told him that the clouds leveled at 9,500 and it was sunny up above. Seemed like an experienced climber, so i said nothing. I heard this report yesterday about him never coming back down.
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