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  1. Get your comments in by May 2, folks!
  2. Regarding Roundhouse/Anderson-Watson: This is my favorite of the proposed locations from a ski perspective. However, one of the proponents has moved to Bozeman and the other hasn't been responding to requests to talk about it. It is unclear whether that group is seriously interested in making that hut happen or not.
  3. I sure hope they put in bear boxes at the campgrounds. That makes things just so much easier than carrying bear cans/hanging/etc.
  4. I was at the meeting, too. My takeaways were that things are just too vague--various clarifications were made at the meeting but we need to see things in writing to be sure that's the real plan. @tbickford I felt like I heard something different in what Abram said. I thought he said they'd like "2 huts at the Heliotrope trailhead", not Grouse ridge etc. I personally don't think there will be enough demand at Heliotrope midwinter to make even 1 hut work, since there is very limited protected terrain (at least that I'm aware of). Maybe the glamping crowd will be into it regardless. I am involved with CBA, and we put together this blog post asking people to comment: https://www.cascadebackcountryalliance.com/post/4-huts-proposed-for-mt-baker-region (There is a minor mistake in the post; the snowmobile club hut is not an overnight one)
  5. t I was driving back from the end of the MF Nooksack FS road once and some guys were hanging around their car. One of them waved as we drove by and they chatted us up. The dude had been riding around on his dirt bike with a pistol in his waistband and it had fallen out. Kind of sheepishly, they asked if we'd seen it on the road. We said "nah" and got out of there.
  6. Hi Max, I'm not sure what makes that approach more "legit" than going in from the MF Nooksack. As far as I can tell, either route passes through Hampton land which is gated and officially requires permission from the landholder. The route in from the MF Nooksack is also bikeable. If I'm off on those details, though, I'd be keen to hear it
  7. Old timers tell me that back in the day it was unlocked. Back before ski touring or climbing was very popular... shit, it's listed in the Burgdorfer ski guidebook. I don't think the Hampton company has any interest in opening up that gate to anybody that's non-paying.
  8. The snowmobile hut up Canyon creek is paid for by the club. The other 3 are paid for by the guide companies/businesses running them. That cost would be covered by use fees, some of which would be bundled into guided ski day fees.
  9. New version of proposal surfaces: https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/USDAFS/2024/04/03/file_attachments/2836295/20240403-Temporary Winter Shelters-Public_Scoping_Letter_DRSigned.pdf 2 weeks until the public meeting in Sedro-Wooley
  10. Yes! We are about 1.5 months ahead of the usual time when access to the volcanoes becomes doable. The coverage on the Baker glaciers above 7k feels "okay". These glaciers also melted a lot last summer... the ice features are changing surprising amounts year-year.
  11. In case you haven't heard, access to Kulshan is pretty good right now. Snow on Saturday was the pow pow.
  12. June is usually later than the isothermal mush season. It should be consolidated for skiing/hiking. With this year's snowpack, there probably will not be much snow below white pass come June. I saw a trip report from last weekend up there and it seemed like skiing coverage is "good" now (not much snow in the valley hike, mostly continuous above).
  13. He was a friend of many of my friends. Although I did not know him personally, it makes me sad to lose an outdoor lover during their pursuits. Especially given his young family.
  14. I think it's actually coming now!
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