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  1. Mt Hood

    Good climbing and skiing conditions on Cooper Spur a week ago today. See this post for photos: https://turns-all-year.com/trip-reports/mt-hood-east-side
  2. It seems to be getting a nice revival of activity @JasonG. Of course, spring & early summer is peak TAY season!
  3. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Tahoma Glacier 07/03/2020

    Really cool! I was hoping to ski that one this year but it'll have to wait. Seems like with skis it could be worth traversing in from Muir. Maybe. Awesome work and very useful report, thank you
  4. Snowfield pictured in this report https://turns-all-year.com/trip-reports/march-15-17-chiwaukum-traverse
  5. I skied down that snowfield in very wind-blasted snow conditions. Steep but not insane!
  6. Easton Glacier advice

    Should be fine. A few years ago when I last did it, there were crevasses to weave around in a few spots, but shouldn't be difficult. The Roman wall has some crevasses mid-slope that can be intimidating by July. You should be able to weave around them or, barring that, traverse westward and climb on the section of the headwall above the Deming. Bring & use a rope, of course, and you'll be fine. Have fun!
  7. That's cool. I skied S Sister from the Clark side last week and enjoyed looking over the Prouty headwall and wondering about the skiing potential. It has that roll-over effect up there. Looks like some nice steep skiing.
  8. ACR ResQLink Personal locator beacon. Basically a satellite "oh shit" button. In good condition, has sat in the bottom of my pack and only been tested. The battery needs replacement, but there are local shops that can do that for you (Fusion Marine and Marine Safety Services Seattle). This costs $150 + tax through MSS. You can also purchase a battery online for $40 and do the repair yourself. I upgraded to an inReach and no longer need it. You can re-register it with NOAA in your name. Originally purchased at REI, costs $300 new Asking price: $50, saving you at least $100 over a new device. Email kamdh@uw.edu for fastest response
  9. Hood South Side TRs

    I don't mind a little ski conditions update even if it's mundane
  10. Weather outlook for 13 - 20 June 2020

    Looks decent, although with all the fresh snow you will have wintry conditions without much/any consolidation. And probably no track in the route. https://a.atmos.washington.edu/data/rainier_report.html
  11. for sale Mammut Spindrift Guide 45L pack

    Bump! Nobody going ski mountaineering!?
  12. Mount Baker NR Conditions?

    I could see it from the CD on Monday 6/1. The lower Coleman looked okay and had a bootpack in it. Not very easy to see in the photo, but I'll include it anyway. Good skiing conditions on the CD that day.
  13. Rainier, Baker, etc

    Yeah, Rainier summit climbing is supposed to reopen June 19: http://mountrainierclimbing.blogspot.com/ FYI, it's still ski season on the volcanoes, so be aware that there will be a ton of snow. If you're a backcountry skier, I'd recommend bringing your sticks!
  14. [TR] Middle Sister - East Face 06/05/2020

    Looks like probably a good ski route with the right snow