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  1. [TR] Mt Logan - Fremont Glacier 08/04/2019

    Fun hike. Would be a good solo @Alisse
  2. Wild, that looks like some full-on scrambling
  3. Sounds pleasant and civilized
  4. That's really cool. Seems like not many folks go up the Stormy Monday direction. It looks like Stormy Monday was in pretty damn good ski condition when you were there, too!
  5. Great report, thanks! The N ridge is always a slog and can lead you into some terrible rock, for sure. Now that I've been up there 3 times, I know that with a bit of poking around you can find an easy way. I guess it's just the easiest option up the N side. Jason Hummell likes to do it in tennis shoes and apparently has done it once in sandals. Actually, looking at your photo, it looks like you dropped onto the snow above the big tuna-shaped snowfield. On my first adventure/misadventure on that side, we ascended that snowfield as a possible "shortcut" and ended up climbing one pitch of low 5th class rock (solid) to the choss piles above. I know now that staying near the crest is better.
  6. TLT 7 boot liner replacements

    If they work for your friend in TLT6s they should work in 7s. I find the Intuition liners too warm for use in spring and summer Cascade conditions. You'll probably need the low volume ones unless you have a lot of boot space. For more stiffness, go with the wrap style rather than tongue, but you will sacrifice some touring range of motion. Another option would be the Palua brand, which I think is what Dynafit uses by default. Skimo.co sells a number of options.
  7. question steel bails on aluminum crampons

    Thanks, I guess a lot of brands probably do this. Won't worry about it
  8. I just got a pair of the Camp 390 aluminum crampons for ski mountaineering. They fit okay but the front bails are too wide, so I'm getting some movement. Probably not enough for them to pop off but I'd prefer a tighter fit. I'm considering putting some other bails and wondering if it's okay to mix and match steel bails in there. My guess is they might wear on the aluminum over time. Should I care? Does any brand make a narrow aluminum bail that I can swap in? Thanks
  9. Turf Testament was looking pretty fat, at least in the bottom, when I skied down there on Friday morning!
  10. Skins - maintenance

    Pick out the needles and bits with tweezers! Painfully slow but I'm guessing your glue is fine. Good motivation not to let that happen to your skins again. Sounds like you should post a TR of your adventure.
  11. Snoqualmie mountain

    More tracks than I’ve ever seen. Get some!
  12. Middle Fork Tours

    Old Snowy or access to the Snoqualmie Haute Route can be done that way. I have no personal experience of those routes.
  13. [TR] Alpental Source Lake - Rap Wall 01/20/2019

    The gully is the bottom of the colloquially named "No Fog Bowl." Beware of skiers dropping down from above. I know people occasionally will ski down "Not Quite a Plum" and where your arrow says "To BBR". Fun stuff! Thanks for the info, I've been wondering about the climbing up there.
  14. This question has been asked on the ski forums before, so maybe search there. Talk to Lars and Silas at CAST bindings.
  15. Nah I think you're doing it exactly right.