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  1. Pretty sick out there yesterday. From NWAC, I take it you were the one who warned us about the slab @dberdinka?
  2. Nice work! I've skied underneath that buttress and never noticed water ice. Maybe kind of rare conditions? This is the drainage that leads down to the Olivine mine. I would imagine that approaching with skis via the normal N Twin winter (ski) route would be most efficient albeit more vert than going straight up from the mine. The travel is generally easy. One would ascend to the bench above this buttress then ski down to access the ice, then return the same way. In typical winter conditions the small flow in your 3rd pic is completely covered in snow and a nice short ski run.
  3. Ran into JasonG in the parking lot on Monday. Really nice snow that day! I gave my new skis a slight stone grind too. The town trails have been enjoyable since then.
  4. I want to try these trick Sportiva shoes, but they max out at euro 47.5 (and run small), so no dice for my size 13-14 hobbit feet.
  5. Can it be called corn if it's 8" deep? Looks like a nice slope!
  6. I could see it from Goat more than a month ago now (ski trip), and it already looked pretty messed up. But I'm not hardcore.
  7. SW rib of South early winter spire is a nice 5.8
  8. There's a much nicer log crossing about 100 yards downstream of the parking area last I checked (about a month ago) The blazes are sparse for most of the trail, maybe a few too many near the junction with the real trail
  9. Good shit, I didn't see this TR until now, but I was there with some friends skiing around in the north bowls last week. It was pretty nice, despite the growing suncups. We did a little linkup of E & W Goat along with Twin Lakes Peak.
  10. Awesome report, this route is high on my list. Score
  11. Cool zone! I think the @hedonaut has sniffed around thereabouts.
  12. Amazing, thanks Jim! Crazy to think of Eric and Dan skiing Big 4
  13. Sweet report! Heck of a lot of work getting up that thing compared to touring over from Herman area. I had a nice run in there in January. Cool to hear some history. I wish those nordic trails had more consistent snow & grooming.
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