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Suspected Terrorist Cell on CC.com


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News Flash

Internet security forces have apprehended three suspects on this forum... Bin Sleepin, Bin Loafin and Bin Drinkin were found this morning. The fourth member of the cel remains at large. However an unidentified source says that anyone that fits the discription of Bin Workin should be easy to spot among this forum.

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NEWS FLASH!!! It is rumored that a new individual belonging to this mysterious cell has been identified. His name is Musta Bin Noddin. Bin Noddin is rumored to have been seen in many conference and meeting rooms during the summer months. He has not however, been sighted anywhere near anyplace that would involve serious physical effort or enjoyment of natural wonders of any kind. This member has been associated with AwwwI Coulda bin Ski'in as well as other members of that organization.

That is all for now. More news to follow as information comes in.

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