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  1. Mannnnnn do I really wanna go back to that place and hit the rock/ice routes. Hey!! Can we do a ropeup there?
  2. I have a pair of the Julbo micropores and before I had the lenses swapped out for prescription lenses I used them enough to really like them. Wanting to see even better though, I had my vision doctor set me up with some semi-mirrored faces, amber gradiant lenses with a non-reflective coating on the inside and there wasn't much of a difference. Since I'm not one to wear contacts I end up carrying a pair of glasses for after sundown conditions, but with the weight of titanium frames and plastic lenses being what they are, they can go into my sunglass case while they're in use. Back to the original point though, the Julbos are worth buying in my opinion. (--Climb on,,,, Rodeo
  3. Hey all, I've found myself lucky enough to be in eastern Africa until after the first of the year. Unfortunately though, I don't have any of my gear with the exception of my headlamp and camelback. I will however have an opportunity to take off for about a week to go climbing if anyone happens to be in the area. I'm going to try something around the mid-November to mid-December time frame. If anyone is headed this way, is doing or is interested in a short hike/climb trip and has some room in their party, I'd surely appreciate the opportunity. Anyone looking to get over here and "just do something" should give a shout as well. (--Climb on,,,
  4. Very sweet indeed. Here I am in Djibouti without a rack or ample time to get up there. Hopefully though, Kilimanjaro will be a possibility for me later in the year. Any other recommendations for trips of 4 days or less in the eastern to central/southern regions of Africa? (--Climb on,,,
  5. Hey Jedi, I'll pay the $20 plus shipping if you've still got those skins. Rodeo (--,,, Climb on
  6. http://www.snopes.com/politics/bush/hurricane.asp
  7. Still got the ice axe? (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  8. Mt David on Saturday. Saw a total of 9 humans and one yellow lab. The one woman I saw with the dog did the ascent in just over 3 hours. A nice day hike. Just take plenty of water. Not really anywhere to "overnight it" if you want to stay. There is a decent looking meadow below the trail that you can make your way to if you're into it. A trail leads from the lower end of the meadow back to the main trail. Mt Erie on Sunday after some coaxing. Decent climbing areas. Especially if you're familiar with the area. Some of the info concerning maps and trails there are seriously lacking. For the time involved in driving, 32 or 38 would be a better choice in my book for those in King County. Thanks for the offers gents (and ladies). I'll post again should another free weekend come along. Hopefully something involving glaciers and or snowcaves. (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  9. Hey Billygoat, when are you planning on heading up there? (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  10. MY PEN!! I used to wonder where that thing went when I got rid of my second wife. Better him than me though. (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  11. I'm beginning to think Clark Mtn and maybe Lhuanna Peak with a start from the trailhead early Saturday. Even something similar would be cool too. Thanks for the PM's from the doodz wanting to hit some actual rock. My lack of climbing time this summer though might make for a not as enjoyable time so I should probably stick to the less vertical. (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  12. Hey all. Need to get out and do something, anything this weekend. Something alpine preferrably. I'm available Friday evening through Sunday night. (--Climb on,,, RODEO
  13. By early, I mean "climbing" by 7:00 AM or so. That'd be 07:00 for all you current and former military salts out there. Looking for something close. Exit 32 or 38 maybe. Heck, I'd even do a few laps at Marymoor. And to quell any rumors that might have arisen, I am in fact quite alive. (--Climb on,,, Festus Leaving for the day.... 425.922.1719 if anyone's interested.
  14. Hey all, Heading up towards Darrington tomorrow through Sunday. Taking the skis and skins along just in case. Partners welcome. 425.922.1719 (--Climb on,,, Rodeo
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