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  1. Really doubt you will be gettin any gear or anything else for that matter for or from a woman so why ask?
  2. You will have to do Viens of Glory if 10b is ok for you. Great fun climb and cool balancy start. Its bolted. Let me know how you cleared the roof/overhng section near the top. haha
  3. I did the same thing back in 2005. Was out completely for about 10 months of total non shoulder activities. Even skiing put a strain on the area. Have a chiro/sports med doc in the area who after 4 visits put me back together. I was amazed how fast he helped me. Got to rest the area for awhile. Then easy rehab. I would quit the climbing for a little bit. Look at it this way. Is climbing 5.6 easy stuff just to get your fix worth not climbing at all in the future. Beleive me I had the burn to climb so bad, my mood was grim for awhile. But there will be a future if you act appropriately now.
  4. nice link there. gives some good quality info on the fires all over the country.
  5. domke lake up lake chelan holden was evacked yesterday
  6. High energy is what this ones all about. Wiemaraner. Super athletic and can run for days, but the snow factor is not good. To thin and not enough fur. For other than winter sports this ones a keeper for sure. Selective breeding is pure becuase you do not mix different breeds of dogs. When a dog is bred with others of the same breed for selected traits(ie; retrieving, workin birds, exceptional nose, calm nature, aggresive nature) that is the definition of A PURE BREED. Not sure why you would not call a dog that has been bred for 300 to 400 years with the same breed a pure bred
  7. First, learn how to use crampons, when u cant master that buy a Gore Tex patch kit from any outdoor shop. They work very well if you can follow the instructions. Good luck, sounds like u will need it.
  8. You know every1 makes such a big deal about ticks all the time. Whats the big deal. There are insects everywhere and they are always buzzing about. What about black flies that take a big mfing bite outta u. Now that hurts. Ticks dont hurt they are just a minor annoyance. Plus the fun of tick checks wit your female partner{s} after.
  9. Pearly gates, snow creek wall, clems holler, trundle dome and everywhere else in the 'cicle and 'water rattlers can and will b found. Its not like this is new news. They are always here.
  10. Head 2 trundle dome. Has 4 or 5 nice climbs combo gear and bolts. Careno is good as well. Lots more in the Trundle dome area, underhill, sam hill, ski track cracks, dont forget arete, we skid and woof woof roof.
  11. Crackima..... yep always up there
  12. Rocks commin up at me head real fast when I was an idiot and hooked an edge droppin into chute 10 at MR on the last day. Coulda been the beer...? or just my lack of skillz. Scratched over em and dropped into a little hole that stopped me. Me head was OK
  13. page 128, 2 editions ago, leavenworth rock. Castle Rock Routes.
  14. Man look at all those stains!
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