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    Dino Rossi

    'A sense of fairness – and a reluctance to give unrepresented employees a reason to organize – caused leaders to give nonunion workers the same kinds of raises, Deputy County Executive Kevin Phelps said last week."
  2. Every windmill built and every electric car brought out of production and into the market is one step further away from the insanity of the Middle East. But it only seems that the resource wars will shift to other areas.
  3. Stonehead

    Dino Rossi

    [video:youtube]v=ycdiCL5ZOP8 The assumption is that future generations will be enlightened enough not to make the same mistakes of the past!
  4. I predict Google will revolutionize politics: --Google CEO Eric Schmidt Google's CEO: 'The Laws Are Written by Lobbyists'
  5. No. Obama and the Democrats are pursuing the same gameplan initiated during the Bush Administration but have expanded it to include Pakistan and Yemen. Knock one down, twenty more spring back up. But that's the nature of the game isn't it?
  6. Stonehead


    What Ben Bernanke will be if quantitative easing round two fails.
  7. Whackmole? Wouldn't that be the name of our CIA led program of drone attacks against the insurgents?
  8. Increasing the number of voters tends to dilute the impact of your vote, especially if the increase is populated by the decision making of morons. Sure, that's a cynical eye on the process but I gotta say it begins in our formative years within the educational system. Seems to reason that reformation starts with education. But if what you really want is a homogenized product then by all means continue with the current system.
  9. The writer of that article brings up a good point and judging by his book (Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America's Schools Back to Reality) it appears that the state of our public education system is a large part of the equation. I wouldn't necessarily chalk it up to synchonicity but I simultaneouly ran across related information concerning the role of education. The Underground History of American Education I suppose you could dismiss the guy's opinions but the question remains, is there something wrong with our educational system?
  10. [video:youtube]v=2B_SxGmSJP0
  11. Just Congress?? What about the Executive Branch? [video:youtube]v=bLpNSvpMoZQ
  12. Hey but have any of them kicked any children in the face? [video:youtube]v=TLfbtduLaho
  13. Talkin' about gov't intrusions...here's some newly revealed info about a FBI informant who possibly prompted the Ohio National Guard to open fire on war protesters. Kent State tape indicates altercation and pistol fire preceded National Guard shootings (audio)
  14. Just remember, Bill. No pressure.
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