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  1. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    What it means is that the direct threat of me putting my hands around mountainfags fucking throat was removed. I just put it back somewhere where it was sure to be seen. Hey MountainFag you hearing me here tough guy? Wanna fucking bleed? I know who you are...cased your slum pad out and everything you little fucking bitch. I will permanently fucking maim you so you better just quiet the fuck down. Talk shit to me again motherfucker.
  2. speed trap heads-up

    They are usually there everyday. They are there to bust people from Seattle and Tacoma...
  3. speed trap heads-up

    Maybe you could drive by at a hundred miles and hour and find out. I'm sure they would love to chat with you TROLL....
  4. MountainMan enable your PM's

    So we can chat. You got a pretty mouth...I want to stick my fist into it...
  5. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Hey MountainMan-you're a little fucking bitch...
  6. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Hey MountainMan-you're a little fucking bitch...
  7. BREAKING NEWS: Hikers stuck in crevasse on Mt. Hood

    My ex-girlfriends dad was the former fire marshall for Tualitan and probably knows some of those folks. It's hitting closer to home...
  8. Pub Club next week & maybe Beckey!

    Halling sux.
  9. Halling sux!

    Pussy. have a nice evening....
  10. Paintball Skiing/Boarding/Sledding Part II

    Don't forget to wear your Gucci camo Halling. The eagle is leaving the nest...I say again...the eagle is leaving the nest...yeah I know...I couldn't get out of bed.... Panther to Dyna...no jimmie...repeat NO Jimmie....
  11. Pssst .....Halling

    Halling your position has been partially determined. Scouts out...
  12. Pssst .....Halling

    Panther sees your ass online. There is no escape...
  13. moderators

    Looks like more of Mikeadam's friendly old posts have gone to the posting graveyard! Viva le moderator!
  14. Team Gander Mtn's next Expedition

    Your core position and secondaries have already been identified and targeted Halling. Shot out!
  15. Where are the GREATS???

    Stealing is good...good work!