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  1. TR: Observation Rock/High Caliber Rifles

    Hey Adamson I wrote down the plate of that burgundy Ford Ranger with the broken window. I will get you the info tomorrow. As for WSP...remember their forte is writing tickets (lots of them). Anything that doesn't have to do with traffic violations is foreign to them (except some of the guys on the east side). Also since the troopers nearest back-up was probably hours away (literally) you can't blame him for not going up in the dark alone on unknown roads with a pistol against who knows how many guys with high-powered rifles with scopes. Pistols are used to get back to your rifle...not to fight against rifles. The truck was probably back in the Evans creek ORV area anyways where a Ford Crown Victoria isn't gonna fare too well. It sucks..but thats what happens when there are budget cuts on top of departments who have below minimum staffing already. It's too bad Adamson and I had already left the area earlier...we might have been able to be a good witness or something. I did see a late 80's model Jeep Cherokee and a early nineties model Chevy truck going up the road while Mike and I were leaving at approximately 2200 hrs that night. I didnt get their plates though.
  2. 8 mile road?

    Came down it yesterday afternoon. First mile is mostly melted out with patches of snow. The rest was all slushy, post-holing fun! MikeA didn't seem to have any fun coming down it on his skiis. I used snowshoes and I was still sinking through.
  3. from tire chains to crampons

    I have a bad information story that goes something like this. One beautiful, cold, crisp clear morning I set out for a solo climb up the DC. Everything was as it should be in the world. I was moving along without a care in the world..feeling great. About half way up the cleaver I see about four groups up ahead of me with their headlamps piercing the darkness looking for the right direction to to head up. I hear someone yell," which way do we go?" Clear as a bell I hear a female voice yell back, "go right." I heard some people questioning this direction. The female voice asserts that she is with the NPS and knows which way to go. Now unfortunately if these groups would have gone to the right they would have found themselves tumbling down to the Emmons Glacier. I caught up to this suppossed-NPS climber who was dispensing this information. I am 100% sure that she was not a climbing ranger or even a NPS employee. She was probably one of those volunteer student intern types. Anyways I tell the lead group to go to the left and lead them on up to the top of the Cleaver. I continued on to complete a great climb marred only by the memory of this person who led people to believe she was a climbing ranger and was on the DC dispensing bad info. So if I have witnessed bad info being dispensed on the upper mountain...I can only imagine how much more bad info is handed out down below by more non-climbing ranger types.
  4. from tire chains to crampons

    Don't forget that I get to clean out the exclusive RMI-only latrine too. At least I get to hang-out with Mary and listen to her words of wisdom when she deems me worthy enough to bask in her presence. Sometimes on a good day..she lets me fit crampons on the clients before they move out on their summit attempt.
  5. from tire chains to crampons

    I wanted to work for RMI. I thought I had the job but then Gator's boss..Mary...decided she wanted to guide and beat me outta the job. I think she is the lead guide now....on top of still being Gator's boss.
  6. from tire chains to crampons

    Oh yea..to continue...so these two get into an argument at 12,500' on a windy, cold day. Alex demanding to see the permit and telling the climber to turn around. The climber telling Alex to screw off. So the climber takes off and continues up the mountain and Alex has to go cause' he has some sheep to tend to and herd back down to the pen at Muir. So this climber (I can't remember his name...some Russian name...I know you know it Gator) keeps going and runs into a climbing ranger patrol. They see this solo climber who happens to be missing his gloves (and has to shift his axe between his hands every 10 seconds to keep it from freezing to his hand) and contact him. Well the dude is already fuming and when someone else tries to talk to him he gets very upset. Anyways the patrol let him keep going and he chills out. I wonder how many other climbers have bad-cop stories that weren't even NPS....but RMI or perhaps one of the other guide services. Then there was this girl named Mary...........
  7. from tire chains to crampons

    I seem to remember a certain RMI guide who acted the bad-cop part more than any climbing ranger. This unnamed guide..Alex...was hassling a solo climber and demanding to see his solo permit on the DC in 99'.
  8. It's snowing big time!

    Just for everyone's info. The Washington State Patrol can even turn you around at the Passes if they or the DOT deem that chains are required. Luckily the WSP generally only checks on the semi's though for compliance. I have one pair of chains for my commuter car. When I take my truck to the hills I just throw the car chains in the back. When the Ranger/WSP ask if I have chains I say, "yes." Now they may not fit my trucks tires but I do have chains so I'm not lying. If I need chains on my 4WD truck I'm turning around anyways. You can't blame the LE (law enforcement)rangers. They don't usually have any real crime to fight..so they gotta do something.
  9. Ranger Rick and his big dog dick...

    Ya, this Mark guy was following Mike around just like Mary followed him around.
  10. Mt. Garfield West Peak

    It's a great bushwhack..er I mean climb. Bring lots of water.
  11. Ranger Rick and his big dog dick...

    I remember this real jerk of a Ranger at the Muir Camp on Rainier. I think his name was Mark something. He had some little Ranger groupie named Mary following him around.
  12. BC Avalanche fatality

    You have to adnmit..they are helping though. All my chestbeating has been signifigantly reduced. Now if we could only get Panther to attend these meetings as well.
  13. Now that Panther whats to come back to the state and receive even more floggings...perhaps this topic should move from the R and D phase to the operational phase. Backcountry see what the TGM R and D team can do to improve and lower the unit costs on these suckers...http://www.uscav.com/Shop/uscltemDetail.asp?stk_code=WA17782. Panther be afraid.
  14. BC Avalanche fatality

    Gee thanks Mike, some more useful information. You're great!
  15. FAIRWEATHER...what tele-snobs were talking about killing snowmobilers? What I find sick are people who can't take a joke. I don't tele...and my post was a joke to my friend Backcountry. Chill....or the dogs of war will refocus their gaze....and it won't be a joke. PANTHER...I still hate you. BACKCOUNTRY....I have always told you I would like to race you downhill...board vs. sled. Fool I've been asking you for years to be my backcountry taxi service. As for dip-wap...you will pay...