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Name that summit!


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mkporwit: nope, not even close! Is that all you got? :)


Hint for the first photo: it's a Fort Lewis hill. Okay, that's not any help.

Hint for the second photo: it was a momentous occasion for the guy in the foreground...if you know who he is...hence the Taddy Porter in hand.


ivan: if not CBR, a western summit of EP?

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This thread, which could have been great, has failed miserably.

cats don't like rules :)

obscurish summit in a familiar area?



Maybe Jabberwocky Tower, ivan?


Clearly Goode in your last image in the second group

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Since this has totally fallen apart, in the picture of the two guys that Bronco posted....the guy on the left is really hot!!


I think he was really relieved, that was his first real alpine climb and he was sure we were off route and going to die. He's not that hot. :rolleyes:

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