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  1. I'm looking for a partner to climb with at Index on Friday. A few possibilities would be Centerfold, Heaven's Gate, Mid Wall, or Heart of the Country. PM me if you'd like to go climbing! I'm also free this Saturday and would consider spending a day in Leavenworth since it's probably going to rain elsewhere.
  2. I found a belay device (not ATC style) at the base of the Feathered Wall, and a #1 Camalot near the top of Lookout Point. PM me with the type and color of the belay device, or the markings on the cam, and I'll get them back to you. Mark
  3. That eerie feeling when I find out that my buddy and I bivied on a ledge that no longer exists...
  4. My desire for psychological pro is getting too large and my rack lacks anything smaller than a purple (0) Metolius. Anyone have a black Alien or a gray TCU/Mastercam they are willing to part with?
  5. Personally, I am not fond of trigger finger rests. They make my index finger colder, like you said, and stress my hand in a way I don't like. However, a pinky rest on ice tools is super helpful for me- it allows my weight to be where I want it. Keep in mind that I have (essentially) the exact same tools as you (Thanks again, Curt! They've gone a long way!) It really varies from person to person. Find what works for you and stick to it.
  6. I lead 5.10+ on gear, have a rope, rack, and car. Let's go climb some rocks.
  7. I'd like to travel up to Squamish for a few days. I'm thinking of leaving Thursday night or Friday morning to catch the good weather. I'll probably stay for about 5 days. Anyone wanting to come along or meet me up there, let me know! I would really like to climb the Grand Wall, but there are tons of other climbs I'd be psyched on. Shoot me a PM if you want to come along, need a rideshare up north, or just meet me for a day up there. Mark
  8. Great work guys. I've been tossing the idea of a winter ascent of Pugh around for a while now but never made any sort of plans for it. Looks like a good route!
  9. I've got a #2 and a #2.5 Flexible Friend for $28 each if you're interested, I can send pics if you'd like. They fit nicely between thin-hands sizes of Black Diamond cams.
  10. Thanks for the shoes! I tried them out at the gym and they are awesome, I think I have a new all-day shoe. Way to pass it on!
  11. PM sent for shoes! Thanks for being an awesome guy.
  12. Looking for someone to climb with at Index tomorrow. Merry Christmas everybody!
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