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  1. [TR] Quartz Mountain - Training Day 08/24/2019

    Isn't the photo's saying pitch 12 and 13 the same photo area? looking in reverse?
  2. Unrepeated routes in N Cascades (winter type)

    Or does anone do the various Doorish routes on Garfield main? or do 99% head for the formidable IB?
  3. Oh and if anyone finds a walkman with an ac/dc tape in it, on the west side of Kalenteen peaks north ridge(narrow section) please let me know
  4. Unrepeated routes in N Cascades (winter type)

    Please!! how about sombody repeating the North Norweigen Buttress route? 1985 it was put up! If that was in french alps it would been done dozens of times. I say this sitting at my comfy desk in my warm room. Or do the FWA of it?
  5. Tried getting in there in winter some years ago and following Beckeys approach just got frustrated and gave up. seems like a cool area. cool tr
  6. VERY COOL! And yeah what a detailed trip report that will help future parties for sure
  7. And G-spotter, I am not canadian, I live here
  8. well congradulations, youve changed over a hundred years of first ascenting styles in the cascades. hope it ends here.
  9. Always wanted to try something similar, until I didnt. When looking at it on the map it looks like the perfect loop with potential to bag many peaks and log many miles. great job. you think it might still need some tweeking? (starting or ending it) I was looking to end it near the william spires to finish
  10. photo of a line done left of the original ne ridge route. this pitch was one of the best of its grade (5.8) ive ever done
  11. Does the route intentionally go right on the tree ramp or more strait up? Isnt the route graded 5.6ish? or 5.8? J-burg is a big mountain for sure.
  12. Guiding in the PNW

    I realize guides bring adventure to people who would or could never do it on their own, but ever since seeing the bags of feces/food/litter being thrown in crevasses by large guided teams on Denali and the other damage done by classic guided routes (w.ridge forbidden, ect..) I wish guiding would not be allowed on Denali or anywhere else. If you cannot acsend/desend a mountain on your own or with a few others then learn, train and climb less peaks until your ready. I know its a radical view that will never happen. just as I wished rapp bolting never had been allowed. But since it is allowed I hope the rules get stricter and the guides follow them.