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Hoodys for climbing?


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Hoody's? Best I have used as a under layer is the Patagonia Hoody which is now easily available again.


If you don't mind being a "girl" REI has a new hoody that has a full zip, thumb holes in the sleeves, nice hood and neck. two zippered slash pockets, under arm gussets, hem draw cord and a athletic, taylored fit. (at least for me) What it really is..is a very technical piece of climbing clothing. It is called the Ladro Hoodie and comes in women's sizes only. (don't be discouraged yet)


I generally alpine and ice climb in an Arcteryx Gamma Hoody with a Patagonia hoody under it. The Gamma is wayyyyyyyyy too expensive but an exceptional piece of outdoor gear so I have coughed up the coin twice. (Ebay) The Ladro is made from Polartec Wind Pro, which is a four way super stretchy, water repellant polyester pile, also easily layers under anything else because of the outer "hard" finish. Polartec wind pro is very very similar to the Polartec Power Shield Arcteryx uses in the Gamma MX series. The Ladro makes a decent outer layer in some pretty bad conditions if you are moving.


I plan on climbing in the Ladro a lot. And at $109. I won't mind having to buy a second one next season :)


At 6'1" and 200# and can actually wear a womans XL comfortably in the Ladro. Best part is the price was $109. @ full retail. If this piece was from Arcteryx it would be $350 easy. Worth checking out for even if it is "just" for girls if I am any example as just about any guy can get one to fit as well. Black, red or green.

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My wife has a couple hoody fleece jackets. How come it is so hard to find a mens hoody jacket? (talking thin fleece kind) How come only patagonia makes a version? Do men not need their head warm? Are men smart enough to always bring a balaclava? (no!)


I found an rei one on sale but the hood is lame, too loose. WIll have to check out the melanza stuff.

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MEC makes this one as well. Which is very similar to the Ladro. Both have a nicely taylored hood that fits pefectly under a helmet. Ladro adds thumb holes. MEC is called the Ferrata Hoodie Product Number: 5007-957 $115 CAD on sale normally $155 CAD


From the MEC web site:

"This soft shell jacket offers a superb balance of light insulation, breathability, and weather resistance. The close fitting hood adds an extra degree of warmth and fits snugly beneath a helmet without restricting vision or mobility. The highly abrasion-resistant fabric is blended with spandex to ensure lots of stretch. This is a low-profile garment with just enough insulation to keep you warm in cold weather as long as you stay on the move. The fit is close but not tight – ample room for layering over light or midweight underwear. Even though soft shell garments are suitable for a broad range of weather conditions, we recommend you carry an additional waterproof-breathable shell if you’re travelling for several days or if really nasty weather is expected."









And a similar one from Mammut sold by OMC that costs around $200.





The REI Ladro is closer to a Arcteryx Gamma Hoody in weight and protection than it is to a Patagonia hoody. Hence my reaction to the $109 cost.


Think base layer for the Patagonia and many of the other hoodies mentioned without zips. Think outer layer for the Arcteryx Gamma or the Ladro.

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On the wool thing....I read some where in one of Steve House's interviews that he'd, "never wear wool" and then I read Andy Kirkpatrick's comments on wool.




Anyone care to sort this delima out for me :)


Personally I love wool. I have a smart wool zip T I wear as a first layer most of the time. But I also know when you over heat it takes a long time to dry out again with only body heat.


When I do get wet House's comments ring loudly as I shiver to get dry.


Around town and at home my favorite piece of clothing for nine months of the year is a full zip very lwt merino wool sweater.

I also ride a road bike all winter and get a real feel for what does and what doesn't keep you warm when wet and just how fast stuff drys out. My answer? Never sweat! And if you do better be wearing a sythetic ;)


What say you?

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The OR hoody looks to be a good thing.


A follow up on the REI Ladro. I used mine yesterday on Dragon tail. First over a Patagoneia hoody and a supelight shell. Then later with all those layers (3) and a Puff Parka over the top. Great peice of climbing kit. Easy on and off at the belays and enough wind protection to make a big difference.


Layers well with no binding or drag and the strech capabilty makes it a pleasure to climb in.

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I typically wear a smartwool hoodie* and a Patagucci winter guide jacket on top. Two hoods - one under the helmet and one on top.


I'm fine with wool. It's easier to wash the fear out of it - woolite works great for this. Polypro starts to smell like an abatoir after a few wearings and there's nothing I've found to remedy that.


* I couldn't find this on their site - maybe they've discontinued it... loosers


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So i just got an arcteryx covert hoody from steepandcheap.com. At first, I was super bummed, because the material they use now is nothing like the covert half zip I got a couple of years ago. The new stuff is a loose weave, and doesn't resist wind or snow like the old one.


however, with that being said, I finally wore it out climbing with a shell over it. My opinion totally changed then. I guess its not intended as an outer layer- its super warm when the wind isn't slicing through it. The hood is great, too- scuba style, but not too snug.


Ive worn better pieces, but this one is still manufactured in canada, which I like, and it was relatively inexpensive on S&C. 8/10.

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Hugh Conway said:
G-spotter said:
mec now makes an almost-exact replica of the patagonia r1 hoody at about half the price


almost=exact means cut to fit a burnaby teenage mother


While I would normally agree with you I received the MEC hoody in question for xmas and am presently impressed with the cut and fit. Presently.

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I do own the Patagonia R1 hoody and it is BOMB!

(I got a gift certificate to their store and my GF said, "why don’t you buy that fucking shirt that you have been talking about for 2 years!") :)



I have worn it cycling on days below 30 and been fine. The zipper was more that adequate on a 1.5 mile climb and operated smoothly for the descent.


It has been used Skiing and climbing as well. Its performance was flawless!


The hood does work well and the balaclava has surprisingly good peripheral vision.


It is spendy but worth it.



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It is a pet peeve of mine but I just love to see reviews that make comparisons or a review at all of a product the reviewer has never used :rolleyes:


And end up guessing wrong.


It should be obvious by this thread that there are a lot of hoody designs out there made from many different materials. Should be easy to find one that matches your needs.


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