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  1. Mens Patagonia Light smoke pants size 34. Black in color. NEW WITH TAGS 100 OBO(trade considered). pm or email: mt.andrew@gmail.com JUST like these: http://www.avantlink.com/click.php?tt=ale&ti=1053&pri=0&pw=3057&mi=10071&ctc=8D&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.masseysoutfitters.com%2Fshop%2Fproduct.asp%3Fpf_id%3DPAAAIAJGDBAELLEG%26ad_id%3DChannelAdvisor%26CAWELAID%3D492679819
  2. trade for a pair of patagonia shoft-shell pants? all you can do is say no...right
  3. its not letting me post the pics i took ill try again later or send me an email/pm
  4. Link to specs http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/Spec_Glance.aspx?year=1997&make=Jeep&model=Grand+Cherokee&trimid=694#trimsel I selling our beloved family's jeep. My dad bought this car new in 1997 and it has been a dependable family car ever since. He gave it to me when he bought another Jeep 4 years ago. Clean title practically one owner. Interior is cloth and comes with Husky Liners (made to fit in the car) Snow tires are available too as well as a Magellan GPS!! call Andrew 360-513-7918
  5. I have a pair that i have never used.NEW WITH TAGS!! they are a mens 34. asking 125 but will consider trades call/pm to let me know 360-513-7918 specs found here: http://www.masseysoutfitters.com/shop/product.asp?pf_id=PAAAIAJGDBAELLEG&path=New+Search&path=white+smoke+pants&search_handle=QT13aGl0ZSBzbW9rZSBwYW50c35CPXdoaXRlIHNtb2tlIHBhbnRzfkQ9MTh_RT0xXjBeMl5uYW1lfkg9TWFzc2V5fkk9UHJpY2V_Sj1QYXJ0aWFsTWF0Y2h_Sz00fkw9MX5NPTJ_&scid=SearchResults&spoffset=2&s_id=0 Andrew
  6. come on!! buy them please someone has to have some money laying around and need some pants
  7. I have a pair that i have never used.NEW WITH TAGS!! they are a mens 34. asking 125 but will consider trades for a cross bike (i would pay you too of course) call/pm to let me know 360-513-7918 specs found here: http://www.masseysoutfitters.com/shop/product.asp?pf_id=PAAAIAJGDBAELLEG&ad_id=ChannelAdvisor&CAWELAID=492679819 Andrew
  8. I am still in love with my osprey ceres 50 (is feels bigger than that). it is an alpine pack through and through and compresses down to sub daypack size. they are discontinued so you might be able to find one on ebay or on super clearence somewhere! happy hunting!!
  9. I havent climbed in a few years but have recently gotten the itch its been to long. i climbed decent sport rock in college(nothing crazy i toped out at 5.10b) and have done some ice but have alwasy wanted to do true mountaineering and am looking to get back into the mix. let me know
  10. send more pics of the hydro pack to mt dot andrew at gmail dot com or pm me for phone #
  11. I do own the Patagonia R1 hoody and it is BOMB! (I got a gift certificate to their store and my GF said, "why don’t you buy that fucking shirt that you have been talking about for 2 years!") I have worn it cycling on days below 30 and been fine. The zipper was more that adequate on a 1.5 mile climb and operated smoothly for the descent. It has been used Skiing and climbing as well. Its performance was flawless! The hood does work well and the balaclava has surprisingly good peripheral vision. It is spendy but worth it.
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