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Hoodys for climbing?


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Personally, I've been very impressed with my Westcomb Skeena Hoody. It's comparable to the Gamma MX in price and weight, but (from what I can tell) superior in performance. So yeah, much pricier than the REI Wind Pro, but much more weather-resistant. (It's rather like comparing apples and oranges, IMO. They both have their uses.)


As it was explained to me (by a salesman at Feathered Friends - judge how you will), Westcomb figured out the stretch of the eVent softshell fabric and designed a waterproofing with the same stretch. So it's supposedly a "waterproof" softshell (though the seems aren't taped).


I haven't been able to climb (injuries and schedule), but I've used it resort skiing (over a Patagonia R1) and it worked great. The only place wind penetrated the jacket was the underarm panels, which are Schoeller Dryskin. It kept me from overheating when digging through deep powder for lost skis, and I can't say I was ever cold either, even on the chair.


Just my two cents.


Out of curiousity, does anybody have the old Ibex Hooded Shak? I've been beating myself up for not buying one before quit making them like two years ago.

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