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list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet


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OW, we were about 5 feet from each other in 2002.


:laf: Makes me think of the old quip

"see you later"

"not if I see you first"

Was that the rope up where you offered to show up and bust some heads? Maybe that was Retrosaurus, I dunno, even recent history gets fuzzy sometimes. Next time say hi, ya big lug, I would enjoy meeting you.


Similarly, I think I've seen Archie, but introductions were not made. Have to rectify that sometime.


I met Layton and he didn't know it... he and CBS greeted eachother and CBS pointed out "that was layton".


I've also met SpecialEd and he had no idea who I was (and I didn't tell him).


And Pandora as well... on the Muir Snowfield. She passed me on skis (I hate it when that happens) in a whiteout!




i haven't seen hide nor hair of special ed in 4 years... is he still as hot as he was


DANG :grin:



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I met Layton at Ropeup. He wasn't very nice.

EricB was there too. He ate all my shrimp then complained.

Builder206 said he would be there but couldn't get out of bed.

Dragon1 actually climbed with me two days in a row. But he told poo stories an the way home. Porter, you two should hook up.

Ketch was there in good form. He brought the sound and screen.

CBS was there after climbing Cocaine crack. He shared neither.

Ivan was there being obtuse. Almost bivied on Pressure Drop.

Kelley came out of the loft on thast trip.

Sherri was a kick.

All the other girls ignored me for much younger men.

The list goes on.

It's amazing what happens when you reach over, turn off the computer and walk outside.

I'm doing it this weekend.

Leavenworth. Asgard Pass and Dragotail or something hikey/climby like that.

Any of you wankers up for the trip?

Or would that interfere with your posting?



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damn, finally got an honorable mention at least :P


As for my list .....

All the U of I folks :tup: so

Archie and Feck to start with

definitely Muffy as I've decided she and Mrs. Selkirk are too damn close to being twins :crazy:

Would love to climb with JosephH sometime, if for nothing else to learn to the art of the crack-n-up.

Would also like to meet

Sherri, OW, RuMr (if only to verify his height to weight ratio), Latyon, KKK, TTK, Sobo, Bug

and must not forget the infamous DFA.


I suppose I should probably just show up at a pubclub sometime.




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