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  1. I sincerly apologize if any of my actions have threatened the existance of this site. I will cease and desist all further involvement with CascadeClimbers.com and their associates. Bug
  2. Liar

    Cheney Rumsfield Reagan Clinton (which led to) Bush
  3. Thanks BD

  4. So nobody is going to mind if I start posting your Avatar associated with your names, addresses, and photographs? Right?

    My dad used to take our old decrepid dogs out back and put a 22 in their head. We've all gotten too PC.
  6. Fucking healthcare

    But she's hot. Right?
  7. Fucking healthcare

    Hopefully we can all agree that the woman sitting behind Al is hot.
  8. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 2/9/2010

    Ah. Cool. The 4300 bar is what I have been inadvertantly tracking using the NOAA site.

    I think a lot more people would be in favor of capital punishment if they got to watch soemone's head pop off. Unfortunately, The Jerry Springer Show crowd usually doesn't register to vote.
  10. Pepsi? McDonald's?

    Chicken, its the new tofu.
  11. Anyone need a purse?

    Did he PM Pink yet?
  12. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 2/9/2010

    I've been using NOAA . What do you use?
  13. Fucking healthcare

    I am not sure where you got these people got there by choice when they were pushed to consume these things at every corner, and it cost a pretty penny to the pushers too.. I have the same choices to make and kids to raise. Nothing I buy has High Fructose corn syrup in it. Nor MSG (I am sure it is an appetite stimulant). And so forth. Eat less, exercise more. Any other choice IS a choice. who said the right thing to do wasn't the definition of a constitutional right? I am talking about the right wing interpretation of the words on paper. That is after all, who controls the court these days so we have no choice but to play by their rules. Mind you, I can't wait to get a few of those assholes out of there.
  14. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 2/9/2010

    It's barely been breaking freezing at night up there for two weeks. Anything in the sun will be deteriorating. Meanwhile the shaded north face ice is probably getting bigger and bigger. Nice try K. I did pretty much the same thing three weeks ago.
  15. Fucking healthcare

    Someone who becomes morbidly obese by choice does not in my opinion have a "constitutional right" to use my tax dollars to pay for the resulting health issues. I would say the same for smokers, drug abusers, and people who suffer from carple tunnel syndrome from drilling too many bolts. But I am still in favor of a public option because it provides a safety net of sorts. For the low end it will really suck to wait in the lines and suffer the oppressive BS. Constitutional right? No. The right thing to do? Yes.