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list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet


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i've already met you porter. go poo in another thread. yes, definitely FW. i think archie is the most popular choice. we'll see if her early lead holds up. and sherri, i'd like to meet her too.


once again I'll point out that in her absence the quality of spray has plummeted. time to bump the where's archenemy thread.


sucking up isn't going to work. anyways, she has already given me and my wife promise rings.

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time to update the list after todays wittless banter


i most want to meet iaXXX, KKKKKKK, archenemy, and some other people

HRUMPHHHH! where the hell am i on this list???? WTF! i gotta go kick a puppy now...sheesh...


Whiners won't make the list. :noway:



I'm in. :grin:


Can Minx and I meet in the hottub, Porter? That would be nice.

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