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  1. Nice work! Back in May we actually intended to do both Anderson and W Anderson and even brought a small rack all the way in there for W Anderson (due to TRs we read, some of it is exposed and worth pitching out). But Anderson early season gave us enough excitement and took long enough so we settled for the single summit. W Anderson definitely is the trickier of the two- impressed you did all that with almost no snow and solo to boot!
  2. ONP permit system questions

    totally agree with you! so far I have not had a bad experience with the ONP rangers. They do have a ton of visitors and still are able to manage things quite well. my only gripe is that bear cannisters are still required in some places. I love my ursack - so much easier to haul around
  3. ONP permit system questions

    Of our three NPs, I have found the "customer service" to be very different in each, and the ONP to be the best of the three by far! Glad it worked out for you !
  4. ONP permit system questions

    they will only issue certain backcountry permits by phone (e.g. bailey range, upper royal basin). If you leave a message they will likely call back. Good luck and have fun!
  5. [TR] Mount Clark - Standard 08/09/2021

    There is plenty of loose rock, but it is solid in the two most exposed spots, where it was most welcome. as for the peak-bagging, I'm well past the "experience" threshold so it is a lot more about numbers for me as well as important factors to determine when and if to go (seasonal variations depending on time of year and snowpack/glacier conditions, weather, amount of daylight, access, fires, my fitness level, availability of partners, time off work, etc).
  6. The Olympics deliver again and again! Mystery is on my list now too
  7. [TR] Mount Clark - Standard 08/09/2021

    I take nothing for granted. Every day out in the mountains is a blessing!
  8. Mt challenger via whatcom peak?

    There is also a way from Whatcom Pass where you traverse the glacier. When we did our trip to Easy Mox we met a party at Whatcom Pass that had just climbed Challenger via this approach and they said the glacier was not that bad.
  9. [TR] Mount Clark - Standard 08/09/2021

    7:15 cars to summit. 14:10 C2C. (18.70 miles, 5780' gain)
  10. Trip: Mount Clark - Standard Trip Date: 08/09/2021 Trip Report: We attempted Clark back in June as part of a three day trip, which included a summit of Mount Deception and two nights at Royal Lake. After cancelling our plans this weekend (Terror Basin, with advanced permits) due to "meh" weather we opted for a cleanup trip, and allocated Monday for it, C2C. We drove up Sunday night and slept in our cars at the trailhead, setting alarms for 5:30 am. After breakfast and packing up we headed up the Upper Dungeness trail at just after 6:30. Overall we kept a decent pace and summitted Clark without issue at around 1:45, took a quick break and headed back down. The only snow we encountered was in Surprise Basin, which made for a nice break from tedious boulder hopping (the snow was continuous in the basin). The snow at the summit block back in June was totally melted out. The first part of the final block was loose and a bit unsavory class 3. The finish is a nice crack that pushes the limit of class 3 - it's quite steep but has great holds. Mount Deception looking a lot more melted out than it was in June. Glad we did this with snow coverage! View towards Clark from the tarn in upper Royal Basin: View towards upper Royal Basin from the base of Surprise Basin: Continuous snow in Surprise Basin: Traversing on the east side of Clark. This exposed section is one of two 'attention getting' parts. (great holds) Summit Stoke: 91/100 for me, 40/100 for my son (Smoots) Royal Lake as viewed on the way out: Here's to another one in the books! Prost! Gear Notes: Light crampons, approach shoes Approach Notes: Trail in excellent shape - no blowdowns. Snow free except for Surprise Basin.
  11. [TR] Mox Peaks - NW Peak (Easy Mox) - NE Ridge 07/24/2021

    after this trip he said he's done bulger hunting but i'm sure he'll forget and be back. he solo'd the gardners earlier this year
  12. [TR] Mox Peaks - NW Peak (Easy Mox) - NE Ridge 07/24/2021

    Thanks man. This list was hateful. But it gave me so much, I can not even express it. What a way to finish. I'll never forget this trip. Ever.
  13. Marblemount Permit Wait Times

    I went on a Friday evening once, arriving at 2:45 pm and had a permit by 3:30. It's busy in the afternoon too, unfortunately