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  1. I was wondering myself. This is super sad.
  2. snow has melted fast this year. maybe push it up into July?
  3. depending on day i may be in
  4. i'm due for another run up Little T myself - with my son
  5. I'm interested!
  6. that's right, we have square patties because we like everyone to see our meat
  7. yep, there is a fee. I guess it pays for the fantastic road conditions and TH accommodations
  8. sorry I couldn't make it this time. I was down with something gross (flu? covid?) wed, thurs and fri. Next time!
  9. What kind of exams are these of which you speak?
  10. Much appreciate all volunteers that are willing to help others this way. It's good to know you are there when needed (but promise not rely on that as a given...)
  11. or just make tp brown/camoflaged, and quickly biodegradable
  12. I carry out TP in a plastic ziploc. But I must hate the planet. Plastic is evil.
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