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  1. I highly recommend a larch trip in the Sawtooths late September-ish. this year I cam in from the South and tagged N Navarre and Sunrise Peak en route to camp at Sunrise Lake, stayed the night there, then tried for Cheops (turned around maybe 50-100' from summit due to loose snow). In a previous year I hit courtney/star/oval as a 3 day.
  2. What are they? I still need to bag Stone.
  3. 1. Finish the Smoot List. I have one left 2. Climb Challenger 3. Some cool multi-day trip starting at Cascade Pass - maybe the Ptarmigan Traverse
  4. I've heard the gate is open some days, but generally during the week not on weekends. There has been issue with tweakers dumping shit along the forest road.
  5. I think her Avatar was "pochi"? I really loved her TRs especially the one where she solo'd Fuhrer Finger (IIRC that was the Rainier Route she solo'd)
  6. That's how I got Easy Mox in 2021. It's way more of an adventure to do it from the US side, but such an awesome experience. I almost wish folks would stomp out trails in Silver Creek (it's godawful as it is) and Perry Creek to make it a bit more reasonable. Then again, this kind of brutal bushwhack is really satisfying to knock out, with lifelong memories (or nightmares)
  7. I wonder if there are a lot of Canadians that simply day hike that trail to see the spectacular Depot Creek Falls, and if some of the signage is really warning about that. BTW - that looks new - don't recall it last time I was there at the Depot Creek TH in 2019. Another related anecdote: in 2020 I attempted an American side approach via Hannegan Pass and a high route over Taps. I underestimated what I could do on day 1 (hiked all the way to Tapto, then was too beat for day 2). I ended up doing that route in 2021 with a bit more preparation and a longer itinerary. But, the real reason I bring it up is I had considered a second attempt in 2020 and bailed last minute due to rain in the forecast. But one of my partners went for it solo and successfully got all the way to Redoubt Glacier, then got cold feet about his plans out there all alone. He decided to drop down to Depot Creek and hitchhike from the Canadian side back to Sumas rather than retrace his steps back to Hannegan. This was actually and definitely illegal due to COVID restrictions in place. When he got to the border security he spent a few hours explaining WTF had happened but was eventually allowed to cross with no fine or criminal charges or anything. He even asked the Canadian border agents if he'd be welcome back to Canada and they laughed and said "yes".
  8. Awesome job, Eric! One thing though - the border crossing on foot is legal. I inquired about this years ago and the rule (as I recall) is you must cross the border by car at a checkput going into Canada and coming back, you may then enter the backcountry on foot, but you may not go all the way to a road and must return the way you went in. Source: a NP ranger at NCNP. If you call border control, they will tell you it's illegal, but if you push them, they will refer you to the NPS. Also, just think about this logically: why is there a TH marker with a register if it is illegal? I have seen that register replaced in the past. I've also seen the trail cleared/maintained, and have heard the NPS does patrol that trail, entering from Canada. Moreover, if you call for. a permit in the area, and tell them you are not coming from the US side and not entering Marblemount, you will be issued an overnight permit. If it was illegal, why would they do that? -
  9. i climbed the W Ridge of Stuart with Franklin. My TR here had a lot of hits. He had so much enthusiasm for getting out and was the ultimate peakbagger, and the only person I know that climbed Hard Mox twice RIP, Franklin
  10. drones are almost as bad as people blasting music out of their backpacks on trails. fucking instagram cretins. I blame Fuckerberg, FAANG, and tech douchery
  11. "Kill 'em all; let God sort them out"
  12. plus ça change, plus c'est la même...
  13. Get up, come on, get down with the sickness! oh ah ah ah
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