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  1. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    it was meant as a rhetorical question it will interesting to see when travel restrictions are lifted and for what purpose(s). tourism brings in money and in the coming recession that should drive lifting restrictions at some point
  2. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    To keep us out or Canucks in?
  3. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    Shhhhh no AR-14s allowed!
  4. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    we will all need fences to ward off the zombie apocalypse
  5. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    sorry. my old eyes, addled by the lack of any rejunevating green exposure saw "northwest". peace.
  6. current song in your head

  7. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    No dayhiking either: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/mbs/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD717080 All trails closed until 9/30 unless rescinded earlier. DNR lands are closed to hiking too.
  8. current song in your head

  9. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

    Glory days....
  10. current song in your head

  11. North Face Mt. Maude in August?

    it looked thin by mid June already from the summit of Fernow...
  12. Nice! My son and I bagged Big Jim a few weeks ago C2C, roundtripping it up side from Badlands and down to Augusta (17 mi, 6K gain, 12 hours). We were eyeballing Chiwaukum and Snowgrass as a future visit!
  13. suffering is good for you. it makes you appreciate leisure time better
  14. good tip on 4th of July pass! There were a couple of recent TRs on nwhikers for the area plus Bulger hunting is getting more popular so it may account for the traffic.
  15. Copper-Fernow traverse

    I climbed the E ridge of Fernow. The rock is par for the course for the Cascades. I did not find it too bad/unsavory. I've been on much worse.