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Tent Tales


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oh geez kevbone, you and pink should just get a room so you the rest of us don't have to see your lips on his dick


What do you say Pink....should we get a room? We have shared a tent a few times.


We don't want to hear about you two and the pup tent.


I'm thinking there are some stories worth sharing. My first TR (and only as I haven't climbed much in the PNW) here on cc.com included some hijinks inside a tent.


Go ahead, Kevbone (or anyone), let's hear about the memorable events that occurred while sharing a tent.

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Once on a climbing trip I had a tent and my buddy had his own tent. He thought it would be funny to start throwing rocks at my tent. He didn't throw big rocks, but I decided that 2 can play that game, so I started chucking rocks at his tent. Eventually he turned into a whiney little bitch and said that his tent was much more valuable than my tent. I told him, "If you don't like the fire stay out of the kitchen."

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I bear sprayed my girlfriend inside a tent in the St. Elias Range. I accidentally sat on it, heard it go PSSSST, and yelled "Get out of the tent!". Stung our eyes a little bit, but we got out in time...to catch the pouring rain.


My bro did the same thing this past fall on a trip we did up in the Brooks Range . Randomly poked his head out the tent and saw a griz walking down the shoreline 50ft away. Removed the saftey and waited in his tent. Got out a few minutes later to look around. He leaned right on the trigger when he got back in the tent. Full blast onto his camcorder and inner tent wall. Camera still worked but he didn't wear gloves when cleaning up the mess and had painful,swollen fingers for about 2 days afterwards.


About 2am he comes over wondering if he could crash in my tent.


Only good thing about it was that we noticed a nice aurora borealis going on that we would have slept through otherwise.


The next morning, we followed it's tracks in the sand and it had just turned right back around and left our camp asap. Having two hunting seasons a year on grizzlies in that area makes them pretty wary of humans fortunately .

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Friend of mine used to work for USGS. When he and a colleauge were in the Brooks Range, they had a tendency to keep a shotgun loaded with slugs between them in the tent. One night, he gets woken and up sees a bear head sticking through the flap of the tent, having a sniff around. Without waking his colleague up, he picks up the gun and fires one right into the face of the bear. Needless to say, his tent mate woke up screaming to discover no bear to be seen but blood all over the inside of the tent....

Probably took him a couple of years to refill his adrenal gland after that....

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