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  1. griz

    Farting is fun

  2. ...get well soon and don't forget to take your Vitamin HC. cheers, griz
  3. congrats,dude. It's good to see the new lottery system getting some new blood down that river vs. the fucked up old one where the same people kept going down over and over. You should check out the GC private boater site for info: http://www.gcpba.org/ and this for some pics of some of the campsites available: http://www.whitewatercampsites.com/Colorado%20-%20Grand%20Canyon/index.php Blacktail Canyon is a real winner side hike. One of my all time favorites hikes I've taken anywhere. Fun,jungle gym like scramble in a slot canyon. Deer Creek Canyon is another winner side hike. Be sure to make an offering to the river gods before Lava.
  4. griz

    Tent Tales

    My bro did the same thing this past fall on a trip we did up in the Brooks Range . Randomly poked his head out the tent and saw a griz walking down the shoreline 50ft away. Removed the saftey and waited in his tent. Got out a few minutes later to look around. He leaned right on the trigger when he got back in the tent. Full blast onto his camcorder and inner tent wall. Camera still worked but he didn't wear gloves when cleaning up the mess and had painful,swollen fingers for about 2 days afterwards. About 2am he comes over wondering if he could crash in my tent. Only good thing about it was that we noticed a nice aurora borealis going on that we would have slept through otherwise. The next morning, we followed it's tracks in the sand and it had just turned right back around and left our camp asap. Having two hunting seasons a year on grizzlies in that area makes them pretty wary of humans fortunately .
  5. griz

    Grand Canyon !!!!

    Sure, I'm a fan of the GC but I'm not a fan of tourist traps like the that though. If you like that then here are a few other places you may want to visit: and or be gaper like this dude:
  6. griz

    Farting is fun

    farting = fun . don't deny it. xvvVXMkrG_g _ZMKWJ36ABQ FP9UcAmASMI OilKXsDoB8M Sp16UNojm9s 4KBOalf5T2o nXYUNbQfJiQ ZoSfKxmMLos ErTdKQhBtGQ
  7. For what it's worth, my brother has had ITBS for years now and tried the custom made inserts with no favorable results. Just last year though, he used something similar but just a $20 Dr.Sholls heel insert and helped allot. Between that and his first try with a chiro in Seattle he did a 3 week backpacking trip w/o pain. Something he has not been able to do for nearly a decade. About two months ago, I started to get ITBS too. Been looking into inserts myself. Will let you know how they work out. Also, any advice on how to shop around for a good chiro,layton? Questions to ask,things to look for,ect? Thanks.
  8. griz


    the dude is just some talentless hack glamour photographer. big deal. doesn't make you any less of a closed minded retard though. Are these photographers perverts too? pics by Bill Brandt and Lucien Clergue
  9. griz

    Just a test

    Great pics,AlpineK. Hope you don't mind some quick color balancing on my part...too cool not to be enjoyed otherwise. Cheers.
  10. griz


    Seattle driver + 4 inches of snow = You people are pathetic. xoxoxo from colorado, griz
  11. im a mounitan climber.................. bullshit. after reading some of your posts in the newbies forum its pretty obvious you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground on a mountain.
  12. griz

    Saddam Stretched

    not much better these days...
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