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What if we win this Game?


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Oh, yes you will. It will be rehashed in endless ways like those fuckers who play bridge for one hour and then argue about it for three hours (no, I don't play bridge).


Fortunately, I didn't watch it so I can be spared from all of it. Was out getting some new liner socks and the new Squamish guide and went to the gym to train for next summer. I think I had a better day.


I'm with you, I finalized plans for an awesome upcoming week in the mountains. The forecast is something to celebrate!


I turned on the radio and all I heard was some whine-fest about the officials. cry.gifI suspect it wont last 8 months. It will be like that baseball team a few years that lost in a sweep to the Yankees. cry.gif



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The Steelers are a fine team but they did not play like a SuperBowl team or a SuperBowl winning team. I only recall 1 or 2 actual drives down the field, mostly just 4 and outs. The Seahawks played great, the O line just kicked ass as well as the D, but they missed opportunities all night long, Brown missing hard FG that he shouldn't have to be kicking, Stevens dropping balls that were right there, punting the ball into the endzone 3 times, letting their gaurd down on two defensive plays. It adds up. They got some pretty lousy calls, the push and the TD in particular. On paper they won. Unfortunately it just wasn't enough. Next year they will be back, and then everyone can pullout their 12 man bullshit clothing and what not and pretend to be proud of their team and praise Holmgren after trashing on him for the last 6 years.

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The Steelers played on the road against the # 1, 2 and 3 seeds in their conference and then beat the # 1 seed in the NFC. Say all you want. We just witnessed the best playoff run in the history of the NFL - by the youngest QB ever to win the game - and it may never be repeated.



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Have you guys ever spent time in Pittsburgh? It's a tough place to be a climber, but actually a great town. The people there are really friendly, warm. There's a real community feeling there, something lacking in a lot of cities (hint?). And if you like bar type food, it is like Mecca. Primanti's, the O, the Strip,... A lot of midwest cities may blow, but the Burgh definitely isn't one of them.


As far as football and sports fans, they blow Seattle away.


It was a tough game to watch, since it was generally poorly played. If both teams had brought their A game, that would have been great. I feel that Seattle as a team and organization was shaky, as it was their first trip there. Pittsburgh played poorly too, but made less mistakes. To blame the loss on bad calls is simply an error. Seattle shot themselves in the foot too many other ways to leave it at that. They robbed themselves (how about letting the clock burn at the end of the 1/2??). But they also gained valuable experience. I hope they have a great year next year. Coming from the east coast, as a Bruins and Red Sox fan, I was always put off by the weakness of Seattle fans. But seeing the stadium rock for the division championship game was something wholly different than I have witnessed in Seattle. This season, Seattle grew as a sports town, and the fans realized their power. Good luck next year!

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I don't think the officiating was as bad as many are saying.


The Jackson TD call-back was understandable if viewed from the angle of the ref making the call;

The Ben TD was hard to over-rule, since it was difficult to tell in the replays (ball was covered for a moment) whether or not it barely touched the leading edge of the goal-line (that's all it takes).


The one holding call on the Hawks negating Stevens to the one yard line was pretty poor, as was the Hasselbeck "blocking" penalty, but really the Hawks killed themselves.


Stevens saying they would win before the game was an idiot statement, one that I personally think contributed to his poor play....


It's actually kinda embarrassing that they bitch about the refs, considering how much better they were than the Steelers, but still managed to lose!

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