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  1. That was probably us (Anastacia was wondering where you were KK). We climbed the central flow, finding varied conditions for ice quality and loads more snow than I've ever seen back there. "This ain't Montana" went through my head more than once...
  2. I'll delete this post once they're gone. Danka!
  3. Climbed this last week, inspired by this TR...as advertised,it had great rock, great climbing and plenty of pine needles. We (I) was having difficulty staying enroute so by the third pitch decided to just go wherever. From time to time we recognized features from both routes and figure we climbed a line somehwere in between them. The grade stayed consistent and every pitch seemed to get better than the previous one -though the last pitch was an easy scramble. We backed up an old yellow sling for a short descent gully rappel. We schwacked in and out from an old road leaving the TH right away (before the bridge) -it took about an hour or so and was fairly simple and easy as far as bushwacking and approaches go. Wondering if we missed a better trail that locals use -we did find a cairn going in and coming out marking where to leave the road, but nothing else. Hard to imagine it doesn't get more traffic.
  4. About two minutes in --> A review of (often) wasting biners -->
  5. Fred does get out -but the Doc?!
  6. Long day at the office -please don't ban this nutjob again...too much entertainment during the week.
  7. Crack

    Mariners Hot Stove

    They just picked up a back up to the back up catcher for starters -woo hoo! I actually think they've got some great young talent that they need to develop, rather than to clean house and start fresh or to shape the team around one "new" big name player (P. Fielder). Two names that wouldn't be a (total) shocker to see on their 40 man roster come spring for their veteran presence would be Bedard and/or Moyer.
  8. That "gym" in the Wenatchee airport had some nice folk runnin' the show, but man was it tiny. Hard to imagine they had the resources to justify memebership/repeat customers...
  9. Two more options: 1) Make your own -surf around online, Dave Burdick/Alpine Dave(?) has a fine "how to" on his site, or at least did years ago... 2) Climbing gyms will sometimes cycle through their incredible surplus, allowing you purchase of the old and dirty for cheap. I've known two (local) gyms to do this.
  10. Crack


    +1 -save your money for better base layers, gas and stuff to trick your mind and body into feeling dry.
  11. How'd you like Saudi?
  12. Don't know if they're "good" -but Mountain Tools still has them. A long time fan, I've used them made by Black Diamond, Wild Country and La Sportiva...
  13. I am NOT a gym rat, but every once in a looong while... *It's a nice (new) place with a mellow feel (at least on a Monday afternoon): not to crowded or pretentious feeling; cheers to the the recent rise in "local" indoor wall space which helps to keep the traffic down. *The walls are coated/lined(?) with some grippy plastic stuff which is eons past slippery plywood painted over with a sand mix -again, I am probably way behind the times in regards to reporting on the norm in climbing wall texure. Anyways, it's nice! *The routes are defined by the color of the holds -no tape. Nice! *There's a sweet "perfect hands" crack (a little thin at the start) on one of the walls near the back -which with "the touch of a button" quietly tilts back at 105 degrees with the use of hydraulics. Pretty neat. *A seperate area designated for little kids to climb on and host birthday parties, etc. Thoughtful. *A "decent" kaiten sushi joint across the street -I'm a bit of a sushi snob, but it's really like quite OK man...
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