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New REI Bitch Thread


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I am bored and though I'd start a new REI bitch thread.


I think its only a matter of a few years and this store will become the next Eddie Bauer.


The other day I went in there to buy a basic hat, thin one that fits under a helmet. I was told that it was not hat season and that all the winter gear had been on sale, etc...


I tried to explain that this is not "winter" gear but to no avail.


I hate their so-called retail "seasons". Ever try to buy a bike tire in November? Sorry, its not bike "season". With a store the size that it is in Seattle, there is no excuse to be out of stock on something.

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I always liked that about Eddie Bauer (when they still sold some outdoor stuff). You could get your polypro cheap once winter was over.


When you wear only shorts over polypro, you run through your polypro pretty quickly blush.gif.

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I picked up a 4-season piece of toblerone there the other day.

yellaf.gif yummers!!!


well, rei is not a mountaineering store. i think we all know that. i haven't been around long enough to remember rei from back in the good old days confused.gif but i've seen it change over the years i have been around and there is definitely a trend of some sorts. fortunately (or unfortunately) there is still a bunch of stuff you *can* count on them having if you need it. like nalgenes. rolleyes.gif and toblerone. thumbs_up.gif

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The funniest thing about the REI in downtown Portland is how the sales clerks manage to be both supremely soliticious & helpful, yet supremely ignorant at the same time.


Yeah, its like you want to get mad but there's no one to get mad at. Its not like its the fault of the person on the floor.


I say we nominate a CC.com member for the COOP board. I think you can do it with enough signatures.

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REI reminds me of Home Despot. I have a greenhouse with orchids in it. My air circulating fan conked out in January. I went to HD to buy a new one, anything with a blade that spins around. I was told that they don't carry fans in winter. I scrounged one up eventually in the attic.

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Last time I was in "that place" to buy tape the floor person told me that it worked well for him when he was playing golf ... aaaarrrrgg!


In Feb I was wearing REI mittens on Rainier. They were self destructing as I climbed. I was afraid they wouldn't make it through the trip! What's that shit?

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I was on their web site the other day and this irritated the f&*k out of me:

insulated jacket selection


yet they have two pages of long-sleeve button-up travel shirts


Still, if they make lots of money off traveling yuppies and turn around and keep giving to conservation, climbing, environmental causes, etc. and in general make more people fans of the environment, then I try not to get too annoyed. Lord knows we don't have enough 'corporate allies' out there.

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