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  1. The Best Belayer in the World

    You goofballs! Best belayer? That is debatable! We will need a belaying contest with official timers. Then we'll see who is best.
  2. Are 80 m ropes going to be the new norm?

    In Minnesota, a 80M rope is a two for one special. Just cut it in half and go climb your 20M and STFU.
  3. I've had it!

    So I fluffed on my trip down to Waukesha, so what! All you guys do is sit around here and fluff on the Internet! I'd like to see a map of that. And maybe a graph showing time wasted vs. climbing. And we know what that would look like...all wasted time on the Internet talking about nothing. Grow up!
  4. Yocum (not for posers)

    I can't find Mt. Yocum on the map, and it isn't on Summit Post either. Where is it? Is it a pretty fun rappel route? I have a 40m rappel rope setup, so I'm hoping this will work. If you're willing to meet me at the gym here in Minnesota we can work on our rappel skills and get ready to rap this thing. I have a two person tent, but I don't have a sleeping bag. Let's put together a list of equipment and get after this thing!
  5. Easter Overhang, Midnight rock

    I enjoyed the thumping of the chest by the previous poster! Is this climbable with a 30m rope?
  6. Hilleberg Rad vs Wal-Mart

    Hi-ho! Hey buddy, I'm in Minnesota, you want to meet up somewhere in between and do some cragging? I have a 30 meter rope. Do you have a rack?
  7. Attack of the Trees! Treeline creeps up mts

    Gosh, I've belayed WAY harder and have been belaying for way longer than that fellow in "Take". He's a rip off. Probably one of you miscreants. Hell, I've belayed new new routes and didn't tell anyone.
  8. It's 4:20... what are you up to?

    Gosh, you dope smoking losers need to grow up and get a life. Reality is cool, you should try it!
  9. Janet Reno back at homeland security director post

    I'm pro-lesbian. I think that a lesbian should be elected president, because they can think like a man, yet have the equipment of a woman...so they can emphasize with both sides of the coin. Also, they know how to climb their 30 meters and STFU, or at least the lesbians I hang out with do. I also like her style. Saw a picture with her having a little skunk white patch in her hair. Makes me think of that girl from ScoobyDo. Minnesota approves.
  10. another bolting ethics case

    I did a quick survey of my buds out here in Minnesota, and we all agree: It's only you.
  11. What is up with these Republicans????

    You guys are such dweebs! Can't you go find a political bulletin board to go post on? This is a climbing website!
  12. Climbing Forum?

    Gosh! You Pacific Northwesterners are getting served notice! Its about time too....too much time is spent on non-climbing topics instead of the chosen focus of these forums....CLIMBING! Thanks again Roadking.
  13. Climbing Forum?

    Roadking, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has mad this observation. I wonder how may of the fluff stuffers on this site DO climb. It makes you wonder how they ended up here! Why are they not posting on a quilting forum, or maybe an addiction forum? I'm from Minnesota, but maybe you and I can hook up for some actual climbing next time I come out to the Cascades and leave these clowns to their shenanigans. Thank you for posting, if there were more people like you the world would be a better place.
  14. Climbing Getting Popular

    Looks who is back! Its Mr. Popularity. Well, the moderators are giving you a second chance, huh? Well don't blow it...keep it on topic or I'll complain again.
  15. Climbing Getting Popular

    Do you have any topos of these collums?