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  1. Bump. No one has a cell phone they think performs well in the outdoors? B
  2. I am in the market for a new cell phone that can stand up to the challenges of the outdoors. Here's my wish list: 1) Won't shatter if dropped 2) Won't fritz if dropped in snow or gets slightly wet 2) Has a solid standby time/can keep a charge for days(I'll keep it on my body) 3) Can deal well with cold temps I am on AT&T and am looking at the Motorola V365. According to the two AT&T folks I have talked to, it is the most durable phone in their line but unbiased reviews online are less than stellar. Anyone know of any other good options out there? Thanks! Brianna
  3. Noticed that Big S Plus passholders have 10 free days of skiing at Cypress. Thinking of making a pitstop at Cypress on the way to/from Whistler ... Who's been and can give me the lowdown? Thanks in advance! Brianna
  4. So yeah ... me and football may not be the best recipe for success. I managed to secure a Type 1 Separated Shoulder last weekend during the game. No surgery needed ... just PT and time. Progress to date has been better than expected but I am anxious to get into therapy according to the doctor's orders to get my range of motion back. Can anyone recommend a stellar PT in or near West Seattle so I can get this shoulder back in shape? Thanks bunches! B
  5. Although not a size XS/S ... more of a L/XL ... I have had great luck with Arc'teryx and Mammut which hasn't been mentioned here yet I don't think. Happy shopping!
  6. Classic sob story ... we applied for a 4-day Enchantments permit for days that we thought were going to work this summer and then *BAM* something came up that we can't move. We currently have a 4 person permit to camp in the Enchantments Zone with entry and exit at the Stuart trailhead. Trip Starting Date: June 21, 2007 Trip Ending Date: June 24, 2007 Is anyone interested in switching an equivalent 4-day permit with us for dates in June, July, or August? Come'on ...you know you wanna help a sister out. Brianna
  7. BreezyD


    You talking about Pioneer Coffee in Cle Elum? Maybe not the best in the PNW ... but worth the stop for something to warm your hands. B
  8. Understood ... I just thought I would give it a little time before I go down that road ... it might resolve itself here in a bit. I was just looking for some leads so I could do some research in the meantime. Thanks for the advice. If it doesn't improve I might take you up on your offer! B
  9. The other night while I was squeezing out a sponge ... perhaps a little too aggressively ... I felt a "pop" between my ring finger and pinky knuckles (in that little dip between them). That night, it was very sore to the touch and I could not properly make a fist or stretch out my finger without pain. It has been about 3 days and the pain hasn't really subsided much. The pain also now extends up the inside of my pinky finger (on the ring finger side - not the outside of my hand). I thought some of you climber types might have experienced something similar and could give me an idea of what I might have done to it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Climb: Mt. Hood-South Side Date of Climb: 5/14/2006 Trip Report: Full trip report and links to pictures located HERE.
  11. Climb: Mount Hood South Side Date of Trip: 5/13/06 - 5/14/06 Trip Report: Feeling like it was high time for an outing, Matt and I headed down to Oregon to play in the snow. South side route was in great shape all the way up from TLine. Camped at 9300' to savor our various dehyrates over a stellar sunset. Up early and up at the summit a few minutes after sunrise. Bergschrund bridge was thin but solid so we simply moved quickly. Conditions up hogsback and through the gates were good. Solid steps established from bergschrund to the summit. Descent was uneventful. After a nice morning nap at camp, we leisurely wandered back to the car. Gear Notes: Crampons, axe, spankin' new Coppertone 50 block for the sunny descent. Had rope, harness, pickets but never used them. Approach Notes: TLine Parking Lot My attempts at a summit heel kick: Bergschrund Bridge Crossing: Full versions and more pics located HERE.
  12. Doesn't need to be called a "recreational" forecast per se ... I am just looking for similar information to the information below (which I took from the forecast linked to in my original post). LONGMIRE / PARADISE / CAMP MUIR / SUMMIT ELEV 2700 5420 10188 14411 TUESDAY 53 / CALM 45 / NW10 26 / NW15 10 / NW30 TUESDAY NIGHT 32 / CALM 37 / NE10 28 / NW15 12 / W35 WEDNESDAY 59 / CALM 50 / W10 28 / SW15 13 / SW25 WEDNESDAY NIGHT 37 / CALM 39 / W10 26 / SW15 12 / SW25 THURSDAY 54 / W10 44 / W20 24 / W25 10 / SW30
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