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  1. I noticed that some folks here have personal Avatars, and I just am tired of looking at my airplane....lol How do I go about making, or getting a picture to fit, or just go about it in general.....Thanks.
  2. Scratch BC's?

    Anyone had anygood or bad comments on the Scrath BC Skiis here in the North West? I skiied them in powder for about 170 days with Freerides prior winter til now, and then I moved to The PNW, and wondered if they were ok given the different type of snow here. Any Comments? Thank you.......
  3. Eagle Peak photos

    What kind of tent?
  4. Used Once..And ready to go with stakes, lightweight guylines attached. Super strong design with no stains, or rips, or anything else associated with poor 1st ownwer care. I take care of my stuff really well, and just have planned to sell this one because I happen to own two of them, and need sell 'cause of my son's summer camp dues.. Email please, or post here......Thanks Folks.
  5. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    Cause your mamn hit me off with some cash so, I wouldnt be hurtin...
  6. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    LOL........275.00 And you will pick it up at a friends home in Yelm so you can save your $ for gas as oposed to going up to Rainier..... Remember god damn it....Its new.
  7. backcountry AT skis

    Thats right Nick!
  8. replacement Charlet crampon antisnow plates

    Honestly dude......Just trim some duct tape around the bottom, no one will be able to tell out on the MT, and you will be happy, 'cause the amount of tape you use will total about 30 cents....And it works better, than marketed stuff.
  9. Wildflowers

  10. I am looking for a pair of Silveretta Bindings for my Kolfachs just to get up and down from high camp and or playing around.... For sale or trade.....I got plenty of stuff to trade...
  11. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    Sorry Folks, The prick didnt come through with the cash, and i wont mention names....... The Annapurna is back for sale......... 300.00 And you do shipping.............
  12. Bellingham Big Wall?

    I aint sayin' where it is baby......
  13. Alpine Machine...?

    Has anyone every heard of the Alpine Machine before? I forgot who sells it, but its like a pair of rungs that come out of a sliding vertical tower on each sides, and you alternate movement as you go up and down with your arms and legs. In essence, its supposed to simulate speed climbing or something like that. Just wanted to know if you know the site, or have used it ever. Thanks guys...
  14. Alpine Machine...?

    Damn......Upgrades huh?...... Sounds fun...thanks MattyG
  15. Yeah thats all my stuff......did you find my 6 pack of Rainier beer aswell?
  16. Black Diamond & Scarpa End Partnership

    BTW, I didnt mention Andrew to make myself feel bigger, he is and actual friend, but never or ever will he be as close of a friend as.... cj001f
  17. Black Diamond & Scarpa End Partnership

    LOL.........In fact, we did down in Park City during a Avi Class....
  18. West Butt Trip Report with link to pics

    Now that I got to see what you look like......I must say, You arent the dick I pictured you to be. Nice work.
  19. Eagle Peak photos

    Do you need a picture, fine....I'll send you one..... Its the least I can do considering I see Eagle peak whether I want to or not every morning out my bathroom window whilst pooping...Sure
  20. Respect for others on Rainier

    Hey Bandit, You a patroler at Crystal?
  21. OkOk, we will climb the mounatins together forever my friend, we will.
  22. I dont live far from Olympia, drop me a line, and I'll take you to some ice near my home on rainier.......