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  1. I was hoping to head up to smith one or two days next weekend and looking for someone/group to climb with... (ideally .9- low .11s sport) Please PM me if interested.... thanks!
  2. bill- thats an awesome awesome post. thanks!
  3. i want to know who climbs and actually has $700 to spend on a watch?
  4. no I dont mean like atikins. I mean a change in the way Im eating. Right now my diet consist of pasteries, pizza, beer and chips. I would really like to start eating better without losing too much energy and endurance (read: no loss of calories) any suggestions?
  5. wags


    LMAO. giggle
  6. ive since moved back to the NW. and to my knowledge there is no climbing gyms there still
  7. i have a few of their packs and I really like them but man, after something like that I would be annoyed too
  8. damn, I knew I was going to grad school for a reason! I cant wait to teach!!!
  9. wags


    Id love to see a picture of that
  10. anyone? Ill be there for the day, like to climb on the front side, partner(s) needed.
  11. congrats! cant wait to drop in
  12. sweetness, Ill actually be in seattle in time to catch it!
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