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  1. Basic altimeter watch recommendation

    High Gear gets the from me. I like the clip on style. No band to break and no need to shove the sleeves up or take the gloves off to see it. K
  2. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    New Item to add: Switch Special C strap bindings. Switch Special C They are in great shape (only used 4-5 times). $75 For $25 more I will throw in a pair of size 10.5-11 mens Airwalk Freeride boots. (Used 1X) mmmmmmm snow
  3. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    Axe Gone Thanks Dan.
  4. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    Tent is gone, Thanks Pat/Rob
  5. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    Sure do.
  6. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    Yeah well.....I am insane. So I don't count.
  7. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    No, I dont think so. The rest of the tent is not very useful without it. Sorry. Kyle
  8. Cleaning house, gear for sale

    REPOST: All still available Board boots are "sonics" bindings are "plasmas"? Rando set-up is $200 but now includes skins.
  9. New REI Bitch Thread

    Yeah Scott...I sew Like a retarded monkey. I mean I can make a balaklava (sp?) out of a leg of my spare poly-pro, and it will do the job. But on an expensive (relatively) jacket I would rather the pros handle it. But like I said...I kinda like the big pocket peace Kyle
  10. The great deals thread

    I picked up a Black Diamond Fusion Axe for $12 (twelve) back when they still had the REI garage sale. RIP garage sale deals
  11. New REI Bitch Thread

    ...fyi, they have gotten alot better and guarantee their products for life. They have a shop in S. Seattle and replace or repair any OR thing you have.... Yeah except the last time I went in (a seam blew on one of my fleece/schoeller jackets) I was told I could pick a new one, which was a new style I did not like and only in bright red. When I said I would just like the old one fixed they said it would be 3-4 MONTHS because they only had one guy sewing stuff for the entire U.S. I thought that was weak. I just took my old jacket home with me. Now I have one side that has a breast and hand pocket and the other has one big ass long pocket. Whatever. Still good stuff. Kyle
  12. Mid sized pack recommendations

    At 4200 it may be a bit bigger than you want, but the Mountainsmith Auspex is a great pack. Very basic, light, comfortable, carries a lot of weight, and very durable. Two thumbs up fo sho! Good luck Kyle
  13. Wanted KEXP BBQ ticket

    I know it is not gear or anything, But I wanted to see if anyone here has or knew of anyone who has an extra ticket to the KEXP BBQ this sunday. Thanks all K
  14. [TR] Cashmere Mountain- North Ridge 7/3/2005

    gyselinck This is a shot toward that area. I think Dragontail Peak is on the right side of the pic. Then Maybe Colchuck in center? feel free to correct me if I am wrong, anyone. and PVD The permit thing was kind of a suprise to me too. Luckily my brother knew what was going on. When we got to the Ranger station She asked who was going into the 8-mile area and let us go into the station to register/pay ($3 per person per day). While I was in there a ranger said that there were two "spots" left for 8 mile then shut the door Everyone else outside was waiting for a 5 person spot in the enchantments. Not sure if they take reservations. I would say as long as you get there by 7:15 or so you will be fine for the 7:45 cattle call. You may want to give em a call though. Take care and good luck!
  15. [TR] Cashmere Mountain- North Ridge 7/3/2005

    Ok here are some pics. flowers along the way 8-mile gang member old burn area snowfields rib to summit View from top our shortcut home.