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  1. Lots of pretty pictures of "expert" climbers climbing w/o helmets. That sets a great example.
  2. Congrats! Glad you made it. That was us you talked to on the way up. Doing it in Aluminum crampons sucked but the white out was the main reason we bailed. Just couldn't see more than 100ft and it was snowing intermittently. When I got home and pulled in the GPS points onto my computer it turned out we were only 100ft from the top. Oh well.
  3. I too have the same camera and have not seen colors like that since I used Velvia. Would you mind please detailing some of the above mumbo jumbo for us? Is all that possible with just the s410 or do you need after-market stuff? Thanks!
  4. I think that should serve as a reasonable justification for the government actually sponsoring my climbing need. Much like a methadone clinic, there could be a government store where Icould display my certified adrenaline junky card and have fresh gear issued to me whenever I want. Yeah, I like that idea
  5. Shouldn't Ken Schram come on TV and have something stupid to say right about now? He's the ultimate ass. Against everything, for nothing.
  6. I would definitely like to thank PMS for having such restrictive business hours. It has surely saved me thousands!
  7. I heard this too. Someone must have some information.
  8. Hey dude, I was the slow as hell guy you so enthusiastically chased down in the scree on South Gardner before we made it up that one. I was kind of beat after already doing the North peak but I guess I had it easy compared to you since we had camped the night before! Good seeing you out there buddy! That is a cool area to go out and check out, not really on the way to any other objectives for sure. How was the deli? The burgers at the Duck Brand are massive!
  9. You guys should take this crap to a different thread.
  10. Sorry my bad. Yes, I was talking about Goldman's book. So far I like Stephenson and Bongiovanni's book much better.
  11. I just ordered my copy (Goldman) mostly because I pretty much buy every guide book for around here. I got it this week and so far I am a bit disappointed. The pictures are of a poor quality and as was pointed out, flipping the images is unacceptable in a guidebook. The route maps are really good though, very clear and you should be able to recreate these with Topo quite nicely. I have yet to test out some of the routes described however so maybe time will tell. At first glance though it does not look like it will come off the shelf very often. I am disappointed because I liked her 75 Scrambles book very much.
  12. It is obviously not insulated jacket season.
  13. Yeah, its like you want to get mad but there's no one to get mad at. Its not like its the fault of the person on the floor. I say we nominate a CC.com member for the COOP board. I think you can do it with enough signatures.
  14. I am bored and though I'd start a new REI bitch thread. I think its only a matter of a few years and this store will become the next Eddie Bauer. The other day I went in there to buy a basic hat, thin one that fits under a helmet. I was told that it was not hat season and that all the winter gear had been on sale, etc... I tried to explain that this is not "winter" gear but to no avail. I hate their so-called retail "seasons". Ever try to buy a bike tire in November? Sorry, its not bike "season". With a store the size that it is in Seattle, there is no excuse to be out of stock on something.
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