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RNC protesters =


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Beautiful. These arguments are being replicated all across the country while Dems and Reps take potshots at each other and drag the whole political process into the gutter.


Whichever way you lean, there's no getting away from the fact that this election sucks. Two fraternities of middle aged white males acting out a drama over a period of months with nothing to be gained for anybody except themselves. Politics suck.

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. . .I have the right to be heard

Hey protestors, learn the Constitution! You have the right to Free Speech. No one has the right to be heard. If people do not want to listen to the drivel they can walk away. Forcing them to "listen" by blocking traffic or whatever else infringes on other's rights means "Go to Jail."

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"Know Your Rights"


This is a public service announcement

With guitar

Know your rights all three of them


Number 1

You have the right not to be killed

Murder is a CRIME!

Unless it was done by a

Policeman or aristocrat

Know your rights


And Number 2

You have the right to food money

Providing of course you

Don't mind a little

Investigation, humiliation

And if you cross your fingers



Know your rights

These are your rights



Know these rights


Number 3

You have the right to free

Speech as long as you're not

Dumb enough to actually try it.


Know your rights

These are your rights

All three of 'em

It has been suggested

In some quarters that this is not enough!



Get off the streets

Get off the streets


You don't have a home to go to



Finally then I will read you your rights


You have the right to remain silent

You are warned that anything you say

Can and will be taken down

And used as evidence against you


Listen to this



The Clash

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[sarcasm] Yes, obstructing traffic for a political motive is wrong and ineffective[/sarcasm]




Might be time for some of ya'll to read "civil disobedience".

Apples and Oranges.

China, no real rights at all to speak of, no real freedom. Protests upset the government and must be squashed!

USA, many rights and freedoms, and protests are accepted and even embraced until they violate the rights of others.

For civil disobedience look to Martin Luther King, Jr. or Ghandi, peaceful!

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I believe this thread was about protesters in NYC? My mom was there at a bunch of the marches, and said they were very peaceful. She also said Bloomberg has the police cutting off protests and cornering marches into dead-ends. Very Guilliani of him thumbs_down.gif


From the NYTimes today: "the New York Police Department has developed what amounts to a pre-emptive strike policy, cutting off demonstrations before they grow large enough, loud enough, or unruly enough to affect the convention.


The demonstrators, too, have thus far been more restrained than many protesters were in recent protests elsewhere; five years ago in Seattle, for example, there was widespread arson and window-smashing, none of which has occurred here."

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"there was widespread arson and window-smashing, none of which has occurred here."


Good - maybe because the cops didnt let the hippies and misfits that like to blend in and cause destruction by cutting off the bullshit.


Anybody that's fuckin protesting by walking down the middle of the street screwing up traffic or hogging up the sidewalk is infringing on my rights as well. Don't be so selfish it's a 2 way street and traffic is supposed to flow with vehicles so tell them losers to get out of the way before I make them into speed bumps. They should figure out how to whine without fucking everything up for other people. wave.gif

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