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  1. Las Lenas rocks. I was there 4 years ago. Sweet fossil fields at 12,000 ft. Nice caves to hang out in and drink booze. Smelly hot springs to drink beer in if you don't mind all the mud and decaying buildings. Loads of opportunity to lose your money in the casino. UFO nightclub full of talent from B.A. Tasty lomo completos and Quilmes beer at the base. Malbec wine and mate with the locals. And of course...sick skiing once they dig out the Marte ski lift or you get your arse on the ski cat.
  2. Yes. It should be fine then.
  3. Fort William is cheap. Although with the exchange rate, probably not so cheap just now. There's a lot of options from youth hostel to hotel and of course local B&Bs which are typically great. You can get around on the bus in the local area but a car is probably best. Ben Nevis in Winter can be hairy. Don't underestimate conditions. I know it's not very high but the weather can change quick in there. I'm going home next Friday for 10 days. When are you going?
  4. Deep man. That's about the most profound thing I heard since Bush said, "Fool me once..."
  5. JGowans

    My Deal...

    Automatically Generated Foreign Troll Reply: Is this some kind of fuckin' therapy thread? Your shrink told you to atone for your errant ways by 'fessing up and reaping the near certain affirming thumbs up stories that validate your being? You lot suck you soft bunch of pansy yanks!!!
  6. JGowans


    Automatically Generated Incendiary Comment: This story may be a fake but at least it didn't result in 1000 American GI's dying and countless thousands of Iraqis. Your President told a lie far worse than this little story. Democracy in this country has been corrupted and the only thing that could persuade me otherwise would be the impeachment of the liar and resultant jail term for him and the other orchestrators of this fraudulent war.
  7. I have an annoying groin strain on my left side that just won't go away. Each time i think it's healed up, I go and play soccer and I'm back to square one. Anybody got some good advice or stretches they do?
  8. If weight's not an issue, you might wanna think about a Thermos. Personally, I use my little metal hip flask on day trips. For longer, I second the gatorade bottle...these boys obviously drink more than me and capacity's clearly an issue with the wee hip flask.
  9. JGowans

    Gun question

    So, should regular civvies be allowed to have the same firepower as law enforcement?
  10. Sorry Greg, but the U.S. has higher violent crime than most other "civilized" nations.
  11. JGowans

    Gun question

    In light of the automatic weapons ban about to expire… I have a good buddy who thinks that civilians ought to be allowed to own the same weapons as police. I didn’t question the right to bear arms or anything like that. I just asked if it was necessary for anyone to be allowed to own any weapon they please. To paraphrase, he indicated that he needed the same firepower as the cops should the U.S. ever become a police state a la Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy. I thought that was quite a marginal view, but now I’m wondering how prevalent this train of thought is?
  12. Most major cities in the UK have had CCTV for years. It's a good thing if you ask me (assuming it's used relatively responsibly). Mainly it was used to cut down the amount of yob violence cities had to endure during the weekend binge sessions by kids. However, it was also a good tool for catching some IRA terrorists back in the day as well as other kinds of crime spotting.
  13. JGowans


    Stunning development. Perhaps there's a chance afterall that we might see a regime change in the U.S? I haven't been holding out much hope for that bloke Kerry. This could be the pivotal point in the whole election...
  14. up somewhere high, forced bivy...i'd take them anytime and curl inside their rolls of flab alternatively, 15 pints and beer goggles the thickness of milk bottles...bob's yer uncle.
  15. JGowans


    that's fricking awesome!
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