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  1. does it really matter if it was 10 or 59 stories w/o pro? you're dead either way. Yeah, I think it matters. It's a lot harder to stay focused for 59 stories than 10 and a big difference in physical effort. On a sidenote. You've got a way of talking over the internet that makes me think you really think you're the heat. So are you?
  2. Valium. Long nappie. You'll feel better.
  3. They're afraid of me. They know I be packing heat. FS don't have a SWAT team so no worries here. Next poach will be Sahale Arm.
  4. Kalashnikov vodka It's about time!
  5. If I was president I would draft liberals and sons of money, and ship their asses to Fallujah as part of the reconstituted Fallujah brigade.
  6. gotterdamerung


    This is a picture of Keith Idema. An American mercenary who was recently convicted in Afghanistan of torturing and detaining suspected Taliban prisoners without proper authorization. He is the co author of 'The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden'. Keith and his cohorts received a total of 28 years between the three of them in a shithole Afghani prison. This was taken during the trial. I particularly like the look of alarm on the co-defendents face on his left.
  7. Looks like he probably plays skin flute too...
  8. Nope, I'll be in the southland at that time. You should make sure you make it though David.
  9. Here's my cube sucker... Need RealTime. A day at the office
  10. Skiing sux Skiing is for those who are too weak or fat to ice-climb. You just don't know how to ski Dru. Sucker! Ice climbing is good. Sometimes you have to climb ice to get to the skiing, but the skiing is always better.
  11. Yanni KeyArena Seattle, WA Sun, 11/21/04 On Sale Sun, 09/19/04
  12. I saw the headline "One Crazy Tool" and I thought they were talking about you RBW1966...maybe next time.
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