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  1. Can't have your cake and eat it too there Proley Boi.
  2. scott_harpell


    Differential equations were so kindergarten... I was more concerned with ergodic theory and metric spaces by 9 I liked boobs. You guys are fucking weird.
  3. Then STFU, fuckface. No, cum dumpster
  4. You are gonna get Prole all riled up now. Great job asshole!
  5. How do you know they're dirtbags? And do you even know/understand what they're accused of? I don't. I just hate guys in suits jack-ass.
  6. Israel is like that 5'2" red-headed irishman in the bar. Ask him how the weather is and POW!
  7. You ever seen two pussies yelling at the top of their lungs how they are gonna kick each other's ass? How many times has that come out with a good ol' fashioned as whuppin? Never. The idea kids is to suprise the enemy. Whether it is a sucker punch or an airstrike, you never broadcast your intentions to a future foe. Iran is just trying to legitimize itself and be heard like a screaming toddler.
  8. scott_harpell


    So now you want that in Iraq huh?
  9. Hey fucker. Wanna misquote me about that shit? I am a pretty mellow dude but misquote me like that again and you will know what "in the shit" really means. Check your fucking PMs bitch. I served overseas, and I support vets. Lots of others here do to, but it is hard to support you when you bark like GWB's personal lap dog. woof woof. Shut the fuck up. If you have forgot what honor is, that is your problem. I will not tolerate being misquoted when it comes to service.
  10. Shitty Day at the office! Love to see these dirtbags go down!
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