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  1. Has anyone been near snow creek wall recently? What are conditions like this time of year for the approach and descent?
  2. I was the golfer, Payne Stewart, a few years back. I almost got my ass kicked by my own friends when I showed up at the party. It was a week after he died in a plane accident where the cabin suddenly lost pressure and everyone died and the plane kept flying in autopilot until it ran out of gas and crashed. I frosted my hair, and had fake blood coming from my ears, nose and eyes. I just don't have the heart to do the recently deceased anymore. I'm so glad Christopher Reeve waited until I had better judgement before he passed on.
  3. I think the itrip thing is tough to calibrate. If you do a lot of trips in your car it is probably better to wire it into your stereo if you have RCA jacks. This is a pain in the ass to set up but you are money once it's done. One of my friends rigged the ipod home stereo dock in his car and it worked well till it got jacked. Now he has a radio shack rig that just plugs into the headphone jack, converts to RCA then connects to his stereo.... probably costs 12 dollars and a lot of your own labor. It is not as good quality sound as the stereo kit, but better than itrip. Plus it is sweet plugging your ipod into some shitty wires coming out of your glove compartment that have a bunch of electrical tape holding them together. I just got one of those rubber skin cases to protect it from scratches. It sticks to your clothing way too much so its hard to put it into your pocket. You wanna buy a rubber skin case?
  4. bird

    Fungus among us

    Old man Norsky used to be better than a pig sniffing for truffles back in the day, but that was a long time ago...
  5. bird

    Breck Girl

    This could be the most damaging piece of information to the Kerry campaign yet.
  6. bird

    The Debate

    Bush made me laugh out loud twice. Once for the "internets" comment and the other for "You wanna buy some wood?" comment.
  7. bird

    euro mullet chic

    I just got back from Europe and wanted to report that all the high fashion eurotrash guys were sporting dirtnecks.
  8. bird

    RNC protesters =

    More like Nancy Drew ya big sissy. Bawhahahah....
  9. bird

    RNC protesters =

    I believe it is worldview not world view.
  10. bird

    RNC protesters =

    Sure there are a few bad apples, but it's for a hell of a good cause.
  11. bird

    Bar stoke thread

    Here is a review of one of the more impressive establishments I've been in recently: Targy's Tavern 600 West Crockett Seattle, WA 98109 206-285-9700 There's a place tucked away in a sleepy corner of Queen Anne where everybody knows your name, but they're usually too drunk to recognize your face. It's a place that time and the health department have forgotten but unfortunately the local police have not. Hot links are the food of choice here and the cash machine only dispenses in-house "Targy Bucks". Targy's Tavern is the kind of place where eye contact will either get you a 30 minute dissertation on trawl gear, or a punch in the face. The Juke Box is still the best in town and they don't care if you dance, as long as it's with someone of the opposite sex. So make Targy's Tavern your next night out, and remember to bring your love for second hand smoke and a sense of humor. Because at Targy's, everything is a smoky, beer stained mess and by the time you leave, you will be too. Sleastack's Security Tip: Familiarize yourself with the bar's layout. Especially the location of the front and back doors. Remember: fear is your friend. Picture from Targy's Link
  12. bird

    France did good

    It might not be a bad move on the terrorists part. It could be just enough to convince France to surrender unconditionally.
  13. Just like the Pistons title, it is a great thing for the sport of basketball in my opinion.
  14. My climbing buddies and I always say that spiders are part of the route. The climb could be rated 5.8, but it might climb like 10b/c if there are large, disgusting looking spiders occupying critical holds on the route.
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