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  1. So the moral to cluck's post is that if you're day hiking through the limited access area and run into Larry tha Tool, you simply tell him you are through hiking the PCT and are minimalist and living off the land. That's the reason for the small pack.
  2. Interesting discussion. Cell phone (ATT anyway) didn't work on Tuolumne. I try to call my wife whenever I'm solo to let her know I'm ok. No signal on this peak. Does anyone know if Nat'l Park folks (at any Nat'l park) monitor any of the FRS / GMRS frequencies? I usually carry a radio too. There is a repeater antenna of some kind on Mount Hoffmann 2 miles SW of Tuolumne Peak. I'm guessing it's there because the peak is about the geographic center of the park. Could this have possibly helped get assistance faster?
  3. I think the idiocy would have been if he had not written the last few lines about lessons learned. I went up three weeks later (did not know of the accident), also solo, and just to the right of the picture in his report. No rock happened to come loose and I finished the trip unscathed. Am I too an example of idiocy? It is unfortunate, but I am impressed he kept his head and managed to get out.
  4. Thread by and about those who were there Pretty incredible to say the least.
  5. Had a Sasquatch Ale made by Sierra Nevada Brewing. There is also:
  6. Give me a break / brake CBS. I was short and to the point this time. Cars are money pits though. OK, no more bitching from me.
  7. Have you tried Les Schwab's? I just got the brakes done (including turning rotors) on my truck for a little over $200. Please note that I am definitely biased: I think Schwab's is the best for anything regarding brakes/shocks/tires/alignment. I only wish they did tune-ups and engine work. Les Schwab sucks. Took my Jeep in because I had a broken stud. In the process of replacing them they left a stud in the brake drum. Had to replace the brakes, drums and pads. And then they had the balls to say it was my fault and they did nothing wrong!!!!
  8. To prove to the skunks and 'possums it could be done!!!
  9. He said "watery tarts" Thank you. I have trouble remembering my own name, let alone exact movie quotes.
  10. There were a total of 13 hikers rescued yesterday. Several were not peported missing. I solo, not reported missing, had hooked up with one reported missing. They had broken into a backcountry ranger's cabin and had ripped shutters off the windows to fashion into snowshoes but were found shortly thereafter.
  11. All hikers found and accounted for. A couple off Whitney, some from near Courtright Reservior, and the missing Yosemite (Ansel Adams Wilderness) hikers. The Japanese climbers the only fatalities, may they rest in peace.
  12. Strange women rising from ponds brandishing swords is no reason for a system of government. I fart in your general direction.
  13. Dan_Harris


    I was just asking. The Orlando story said it was the AFL-CIO in that incident. We pretty much know who they support. It would seem Mr. Kerry would want to distance himself, at least pay the lip service, from that kind of activity whether it was his supporters or not. "Is that the old "if you ain't fer us, yer agin us" mentality?" You said it, I didn't. I do not think that way, but people will. Sometimes silence is deafening.
  14. Dan_Harris


    Has Mr. Kerry condemned these acts? Or does he condone this kind of action by his supporters?
  15. If the above do not work, sometimes dragging and dropping into Apple Works will get it done.
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