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Climbers stuck on Glacier


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Originally posted by Rodchester:

[QB]Rescue under way on Glacier Peak



The group consists of one man and two women, all of them in their 20's and experienced climbers. None of them were injured.



WTF??? Did they get hungry or something? They don't sound "experienced" to me. This kind of shit only fuels the fire for climbers needing to pay for rescues. If they aren't injured, maybe they should pay!

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Originally posted by iceguy:

Justed talked with someone in the know and it would appear that Lambone et al are all ok and on their way out.

Now that we know that they are ok, we need an answer to the following questions:


Who called for help, Lamebone or the girls when they found out it was more than a nickname?


Was there trouble keeping up the puptent?


Did someone call out the wrong name in his sleep?


Enquiring minds want to know.

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I agree this thing sounds a bit odd....but we should wait until Lambone is back and posts his version of the story before we go hanging him.


You can't actually trust the media and thier story on this type of thing.


Wait for Lambone and give him his chance. I'll bet there is more to this than meets the press. [big Drink]

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Originally posted by trask:

what the fuck difference does it really make?

the important thing is that they are alive.

give em' a fuckin' break, i'm sure they're none too happy about the whole deal.

just my .02 cents, but what do i know?

hear hear trask!!!


you know enough to be reasonable when it calls for it!!! most of the time!

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I count myself with those who are very grateful these folks are safe, and withhold opinion. We really do not know the facts. Public speculation and criticism based on scraps of information that may or may not be true reflects poorly on us.


I will say that, to my knowledge, the unexpected and unpredicted bad weather moved in during Saturday night. For all I know, sensible decision making occured in response to conditions.

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Here we go...AGAIN. My buddies went thru this kinda crap when they had an unplanned bivy on Baker Memorial Day weekend. All the "experts" second guessing and passing judgement and saying why they were so stupid to get in trouble in the first place. If you weren't actually there w/ Lambone's party, then you don't have any idea what happened. So let's just shut up about it until he has a chance to give his story. The media doesn't know crap and don't convey the story very accurately, I found that out for sure back in May. [Wazzup]

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Yes, it was us.


The three of us feel very ashamed and embaressed to have brought on such a massive rescue effort. We would like to thank all the Rescuers who volounteered their time and energy to help us out of the crappy situation we got ourselves in.


Originaly we intended to let our families know we were ok, but stuck on the summit in gnarly weather. 911 was the only # that we could reach from our position. That "evil cell phone" call snowballed in to the rescue involving teams from four counties, chinooks, horses, the works...lets just say those guys don't mess around. When some one calls the go all out. Everyone is ok, and the sittuation was never of emergency circumstances.


I know I'm gunna get sprayed forever about this, and that is fine. Speculate as you will and enjoy, but after I go get a big cheeseburger I'll write up a report and let you all know exactly what happened up there. For your enertainment or only to help others from making the same mistakes. I hope no one ever has to spend 72 hours with three poeple in a wet I-tent.


Thankyou for your concern,

Gaper out.


Oh, and by the way, I didn't want to get on the damn chopper, but no one else wanted to walk down from Boulder Basin... [Razz]


[ 07-30-2002, 06:55 PM: Message edited by: Lambone ]

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