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BD iceclimbing gloves


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yeah, anything that cloudveil makes in a glove. They make their iceflow glove, and one other w/o the knuckle padding that fit amazing and are pretty warm. Seriously, these guys carried the torch from where Marmot left off as fit and comfort goes.

Steamlined. Warm. Durable. Not as expensive as Black Diamond.thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif


or whatever MEC is selling these days.


seriously, gloves are a nitpicky thing for me and when marmot started fucking up their alpinist line (work gloves still good), cloudveil actually stepped it up a notch.

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I have serious beef with BD gloves. I tried a pair of their guide gloves and a pair of dry tool gloves and was apalled at the lack of craftsmanship (and warmth /waterproofness).


I have had excellent luck with Marmot for both skiing and ice climbing gloves. I have a pair of their Alpinist gloves, some windbloc liners, one of their ski gloves (can't remember the model) and all of them are still holding up, the alpinist gloves I have been climbing hard in for two seasons and they are still as good as can be expected. The leather palms are still intact, no stitching is pulling out, foam hasn't shifted and they are still warm!


I got a pair of the cloudveil leather/primaloft gloves to replace an old pair of EMS gloves of the same construction that I can't find anymore (wore them almost every winter day for 5 years!) and the CVs seem to be working well but time will tell.

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I have the Ice Gloves from last year's line. They are pretty good. I used a mechanical pencil (as a crude seam-rip tool) to remove the stupid thick rubber "Black Diamond" logos on the gloves. Not sure if the weight savings was worth the effort. The leather palms waterproof well with Aquaseal or Nikwax. I used seam-grip to seal the seams and any stitching that is exposed on the exterior.


The index fingers of the gloves each have a tiny loop that you can use to hang the gloves on your gear loop, so that the gauntlets face down. This is helpful so ice and snow don't get in the gloves when they are hanging on your harness. Took me a while to figure out what the little loops are for. cantfocus.gif


I hear the latest Guide gloves are primaloft insulated. Those should be mega toasty. I'm keen to try them out some time.

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David_Parker said:

I am HUGE fan of leather palms and want something that is warm without too much bulk.


I have a pair of Patagonia Stretch Triolet goves with leather palm. They are not as warm as this years ice glove, but seem to be up to the task most days.


On my recent trip to Banff I thought "ok, here we go, they are leaking and I'll just bring them back now" but it turned out that they were *not* leaking, and held up very well on a very wet day on weeping wall.


Might be worth checking out.

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I have a pair of Patagonia Nitros (a thicker version of the triolets, I think). Too glove-like to be really warm in deep cold, too mitten-like to be functional for placing pro, unzipping your pack, etc. A great ski glove though. At some point I say screw it and wear mitts, pulling my hands out to fiddle with things, leaving the mitts resting in the tool leash. I seem to get really cold hands otherwise.

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Mammut gloves are pretty decent but none were overly warm

at least not for CDN temps

but for skiing and such amamazing - very grippy palms


Try to find the marmot ultimate glove, in women's in Xl or so to correspond to men's if you can = 50% at sierratradingpost, or if you have connections


The new ice glove is a lot more nimble and better fitting (for me) than the guide glove, but I like the all leather of the patrol


But yeah, check it out, all three companies make similar gloves for the same price, patagonia's looks like a copy

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Alex said:I have a pair of Patagonia Stretch Triolet goves with leather palm. They are not as warm as this years ice glove, but seem to be up to the task most days.


I would speak up for the Stretch Triolet too, except I'm notsure that they make them anymore. Patagonia changed their glove line all around this year.


I took the crappy (ie got wet and made hands cold) fleece liners out and replaced them with a wool glove that had a long cuff. Actually it had a standard cuff, but it was doubled over, and I undid the stiches to make it long. Now that is a definite upgrade. thumbs_up.gif Only cost $10 for the woolies. cool.gif


I have a glove problem, and that is that no one makes them big enough. I wanted to buy Marmot, but they stopped making the XXL, and everyone else's gloves are too small, except the Patagonias. I did try on a pair of BD Patrol Gloves that might be OK for Skiing, but still not really big enough. cry.gif I can't fit a liner in any of them. Any one else?

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I have the opposite problem, I have midget hands and feet, and no one makes gloves and socks small enough (other than shopping in the kiddie department as marylou can attest)


I found the "guide" gloves way too bulky when they make them in a size XS or S or whatever the hell I got on sale at Marmot to be terribly useful. The fingers are so thick with the leather that my poor little piggies are spread miles apart.


Someone, somewhere, please make gloves for the smaller people??? (or if you have experience with something that works that is not a childs mitten, let me know)


The last great glove I found that was super warm and fit like a "glove" was the smartwool ice glove, can't remember the name, got them at PMS. I've used them for 3 seasons now, and the only negative is they don't have a gauntlet. This is easily remedied by going to any fishermans store and getting neoprene gauntlets like the fishermen use in the bearing sea. They are great, as they improve the lifespan of the glove and make your glove/sleeve super low profile.



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It's not just little hands that feel that way about the BD Guide glove thumbs_down.gif It's a glove that feels like a mitten.


I found the glove I want today, it is the update of the Stretch Triolet, the "Stretch Element." It has reinforcements in all the spots where my old ones wore out. smile.gif Now to find some in stock somewhere...


BTW, the BD gloves all saeem to be sized bigger this year, I was actually getting my hands into the L, when last year the XL seemed too small.

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I bought OR's "Jetstream" (wasn't that a BD name?). Leather palm, schoeller dryskin material, little gear loop. These get wet in no time and will never dry. They are good for warm, dry sessions (perfect ice climb weather huh?) I'd call them good summer slog gloves.

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I can never get a decent fit in the BD gloves - weird hands or something. My current favs are the Iceflow gloves from Cloudveil. The other guys hit it dead on: great close fit that allows you to fiddle with gear, surprisingly warm (I've used them down into single digit temps). Not sure how they'd handle multiday trips w/ no heat for drying though.


For shelled gloves w/ removable liners I get a pretty decent fit from Granite Gear's Ice Sparring gloves and the old Stretch Triolets. Have yet to try the Stretch Element gloves.


Basically, if it's too cold for the Iceflow gloves I go straight to mittens....

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