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  1. Pre season - cheap ice gear

    Get started in ice, beef up the gear pile or outfit your girlfriend. Whatever the reason I have some well loved gear I don't anticipate using anytime soon. I'm in Portland and happy to ship to wherever you like. Cheers BD Carbon Fiber Black Prophets (CFBPs) straight shaft, one hammer, one adze, spare pick, no leashes - $200 BD Mako crampons, SM-MD (will fit to men's 11), mono ("trident") kit, dual kit, side spurs, antiballing rubber thingies - $50 Koflach Arctis Expe Sz 10.5, we all know what they are - $80 Goretex lobster mitts with liners, worn by a few students half a dozen times - $20
  2. More random gear from the closet

    Every time I start opening boxes I find more gear I don't use... Trango Ballnutz 1-4, $75 for all 4 and an old oval Petzl Ascenders - SRT/frog setup: -Pair (B17 x 2) of "Ascension" (blue/yellow) ascenders -"Croll" (B16) chest ascender -"Torse" (C26) chest harness -"Footpro" (C49) footloop All are the old style with the metal (not plastic) locking levers on the cams $80 for all of it Forged friends (newer ones with the colored cams), #3, #3.5, #4 - $60 for all three and an old oval Send me an email (in my profile). Anything will ship priority to Seattle for $5. Paypal appreciated.
  3. More random gear from the closet

    Ballnutz sold
  4. More random gear from the closet

    Ascenders are sold
  5. Mountaineering gear garage sale

    Pair of BD Carbon Fiber Black Prophet axes, straight shaft. One hammer, one adze, in good used condition. $200 for the pair plus a spare pick. ----------------------------------------------------- BD Mako Crampons, clamp on (toe bail neccesary), sidespurs, monopoint kit if you want it, OR zippered plastic bottom case with extra points, hardware, etc. $60 ----------------------------------------------------- Pair of Koflach Arctis Expe (the old yellow ones) - great shape, REDICULOUSLY light, size US Mens 10.5 $120 ----------------------------------------------------- Pair of 22cm BD turbo (with the crank) ice screws, used but still sharp, $50 for both ----------------------------------------------------- Pair of 24" MSR pickets, $30 ----------------------------------------------------- 6" Fluke with cable, $10 ----------------------------------------------------- Well used nuts, hexes, a few old cams - $100 for everytihng on the sling ----------------------------------------------------- Forgot to bring my camera to work today, will have pics up tomorrow. PM or send me an email, and before you ask I will ship to Seattle and will take paypal. Cheers
  6. Mountaineering gear garage sale

    Crampons, axes and boots still available. Thanks everyone for helping cleaning out the closet )
  7. Mountaineering gear garage sale

    I believe the gear rack has been spoken for, all the rest is still up for grabs. I apologize for the photo quality, my camera is on the fritz. Everything has a pinkish tone and anything shiny (like the screws) streaks... email moyleskd/yahoo Axes, $200 for everything in the picture Koflach Arctis Expe 10.5 $120 Mako Crampons, $60 with the case, tools, points 24" pickets and an 8" fluke, $30 and $10 respectively 22cm BD turbo express screws with a coathanger v-thread tool $50 for both OR Goretex "croc" aiters, size L. Very little use, $30
  8. More deals from the ski closet

    Alright, she's almost empty. As the cobwebs come out, more treasures from winters past appear! Get them out of my house before I have to move them yet again to a new house. Atomic Tourcap Superlight, straight out of the 80s. 180cm, clean bases, camber still good, and a perfectly functioning set of Silvretta 404s. Yup, the stainless ones that never break, ever. And they're pink. Rad. These come with the crampons for these bindings. No skins. $60? Merrill Supercomp Tele Boots Depending on how you like your tele boots to fit, these will fit someone from 9.5 to 10.5. I like them tight; I'm a 10.5. Someone tried them on who is also a 10.5 and said they were way too tight, someone tried them on who was a 9 and said they were way too loose. Try them on and then buy them. Classics, don't give up the feel of tele skiing by clamping on plastic boots. Enjoy the beauty and grace of leather and good deisgn. $60? Garmont GSM AT boots, size 28. Orange. A real gem, these are still the stiffest AT boots Garmont has ever made, if you want to crank downhill these are the boots to do it in. Light enough that I have ice climbed many 5+ pitch climbs in VT, stiff enough they hold up in the cliffs and trees. Thermoform liners, only been formed once. A steal at $200. And gorram it, I forgot to take a picture of the poles. BD Flicklock poles, $30. If you don't know what they are you shouldn't be privy to a deal on them.
  9. AT setup

    Atomic Tourcarv Alpin skis (red/white) 170cm with Diamir II bindings, crampons for the bindings, wide skins (yellow) cut to fit. $200 for skis and gear, I'm in Portland. I also have Garmont GSM (orange) boots in size 28 but I like them so they'll be $250. Cheers
  10. AT setup

    Skis and gear are sold. Boots still available for $200. Also have a pair of non-bent non-avalanche flicklock poles for $30.
  11. Custom hardtail and roof racks

    For sale: A 15" custom hardtail built on an aluminum Trek frame, 4" manitou fork with lockout, full XT group (mega-9 set), avid mag brakes, WTB/Sun wheels (the wheels were almost $500 alone), handfull of goodies. $600, I'm in Portland. Also have a pair of Yakima "Raptor" roof mount bike racks for $40 each or $75 for the pair. Send me a PM or a yahoo email to moyleskd. Cheers.
  12. Custom hardtail and roof racks

    Whoops, forgot to add pics...
  13. Atomic Tourcarv Alpin 170cm skis (97/69/86) Fritschi Diamir II bindings "Montana" skins (european) cut to cover all the P-tex They are well loved and will come freshly tuned, sharpened and waxed. Skins just got new glue at the end of last season. Getting midfat twintips, these were my spares and are no longer needed as such. Thanks for looking! moyleskd ta yahoo tod com
  14. Ascenders, ascenders, ascenders

    Haul, solo, climb, rescue, backup, for whatever purpose you are going to use them here is where you can get them on the cheap. If you don't know what they are you probably shouldn't be using them so don't ask me to educate you to your death. Ushba "basic" titanium ascender, $30 Petzl "Stop" descender, $30 Wren Solo-aid, $40 Mmmmm... "Up"....
  15. More stuff for sale! Apine Trekkers, if you know what these are you'll apprec
  16. Still going through the piles, I have the following for sale: Ushba "Basic" Titanium ascender, $40 Wren "Solo-aid", $50 Two pairs Metolius aiders, Blue and yellow 4 and 5 step, $80 Assorted hooks (4) and pins (10), $75 for the lot Kelty "Pacific Crest" frame pack, 5400 cu in. $100 Scarpa wall boots, size 41.5, very little use $60 Big fuzzy chalk pot, $30 Merrill Tele boots, size 8-9 street shoe, $120 Lots of other stuff I haven't gone through yet, if you are looking for something useful I probably have one... Cheers moyleskd at oohay tod moc
  17. FS:Aid and trad gear - ascenders, cams, aiders,etc

    Yup, still have the solo-aid. Send me an email.
  18. Alpine Trekkers, gear slings, big bro, lots'o'nuts

    Trekkers are indeed still available, I delete the items as they sell. Shipping to Seattle would be $6 flat rate priority mail. I love paypal. Email my yahoo account, moyleskd@.
  19. FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws

    Hola everybody, my ice climbing motivation has been winding down in years past, and it's time to pass the torch (and the gear!) along. I'm selling my tele boots, my good axes and a bushelfull of screws. Here is some info for ya: Boots: Merrill SuperComp, size 10.5 Leather with a plastic ankle cuff Three ratchet buckles, rubber toe buckle and a powerstrap Bright, clean vibram soles Pinholes clean and sharp These boots will let you feel your skis much more than a solid plastic boot. Can't free your mind if your feet are in a plastic prison ;o) $120, will throw in a brand new pair of Riva-Zs with risers and climbing bars for $20. Axes: 2002 BD Cobras (carbon fiber clearance shafts) Both hammers "Laser" picks (modified and tuned) No leashes $350/pair Screws: Turbo express screws (coffee grinder knobs) Well cared for, all are sharp, no rust I retire screws after a fall, none have been fallen on Lots and lots in 10, 15 and 19cm $30/ea If you don't like the prices, making me an offer you do like will be far more constructive than whining. No I won't sell you both tools and 8 screws for $200. I will also not convince you that this gear is right for you. If you don't know what it is, look it up or move on. I will happily ship anywhere you like as long as you pay the $5 it will cost me to send an insured PM package. I don't want to trade for the jacket you bought and don't like anymore. I have my own jacket. No ice climbing or tele lessons unless you are cute (and preferably female). I love paypal. If happy fun ball begins to smoke, seek shelter and cover head. PM for pics if you don't know what ice screws look like. Please be sarcastic when replying. Thanks for looking!
  20. FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws

    Screws are all gone, thanks to all who were timely in completing their transactions. Still have the tele boots, a pair of Scarpa aid boots, a nice custom chalk pot, a solo-aid (with less than 30 pitches on it), and an oldie but a goodie frame pack. Good deals folks! Don't let them pass you by!
  21. Charlet Moser Pulsar Ice Tools

    ...And if anyone wants a spare pick for these tools, I just happen to have one. Cheers! http://www.kevinmoyles.net/cgi-bin/viewpage.cgi?kbay
  22. FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws

    They are the OP aftermarket grinder knobs, you have to file them out a little bit to make them fit the BD hanger (thicker than the OP), then drill a small hole and use the correspondingly sized roll pin.
  23. FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws

    Pics of axes and screws are up on my website (same link). I also added some aid stuff, a solo-aid and an unused premo bag hauling pulley/jammer. A local guy bought 8 screws last night with cash, all that's left of what I'm selling is online. Email moyleskd at yahoo for quicker service. Thanks for looking!
  24. FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws

    Salt water, fluffy frozen water, a little bit of everything I have some other things for sale as well, pics are up at: "Kbay". I will be taking pictures of the axes and screws for those that asked about them this evening and posting tomorrow afternoon. Please keep in touch. Thanks!
  25. Anodized biners ?

    Anodizing is a process by which the outermost 0.002"-0.005" of surface metal is artificially oxidized. It's an electrochemical reaction that in the case of carabiners makes the (relatively) soft aluminum into harder aluminum oxide. Since this is uniform and it extends below the outer surface it doesn't look like corrosion. A fringe menefit is that you can ade dye to the electrolyte when you treat the metal, making all sorts of shiny pretty colors. This process doesn't change the strength of the metal either way, or the weight, or stiffness, etc. It gives a tiny extra bit of wear resistance because the surface metal is harder. Most stone is harder than AlO2 anyway so it will still scratch and wear, just slightly less quickly. Good things are thet it's prettier, you can see scratches and gouges more easily and it will make you feel like your gear will last longer Bad things are they it it adds 10-20% to the cost of the part and your gear won't match when you lose one and replace it with a different batch. For those of us who are colorblind and gainfully employed, these two don't really matter much anyway.