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  1. light weight alpine pack

    I bought a Cilogear 60l worksack in february. I have only had it out for a couple of days ice climbing, sans the framesheet and stay, and it carried very well. The pack is very well made and amazingly light compared to a traditional pack. The compression strap system has to be seen to be fully understood - use as many straps as you need to compress the load or shift the load to the hipbelt or shoulders. Also makes lashing stuff to the exterior a breeze.
  2. Steve House- Rupal Face

    Steve and Vince's story: http://www.grivelnorthamerica.com/headlines.php?id=33
  3. BD Alpine Shirt - Any thoughts??

    I have a BD alpine shirt. It'd durability is pretty good, it mainly sees use when I am mountian biking. It is not as weatherproof or as durable as Dryskin extreme, but on cool days it is pretty good. Too warm for sunny days in the summer when a nylon windshirt is a better bet.
  4. Do I need this?

    Lighter, warmer, and less space in the pack.
  5. BD Hexentrics vs. Metolius Curved Hexes

    No experience with the Metolius curved hexes, but their curved nuts seem to be very hard to remove, and tricky to place. Most people I know that have tried them seem to stick with straighter sided nuts.
  6. Windshirt Comparison

    I have both the Arcteryx Tau and the Anabatic. The Tau is more breatheable, and lighter, but less water resistant.
  7. Liberty Ridge; Test, Triumph, and Tragedy

    Well done excellent job on the trip report.
  8. expedition blue barrels

    Eureka makes a line of barrels. Three sizes, clamping lid. Try Skyview Outdoors, under the Patullo bridge in Surrey. 604-580-3777
  9. Looking for a Summit Pack

    I have the Lowe Alpine 40 litre Alpien Attack Summit. Great little pack, very similar to the Genie but it comes with it's own foam. Great packs, they force you to think light.
  10. [TR] Squamish- rock 4/10/2004

    It is more fun when it's wet...
  11. first set of crampons

    Sabretooths, pneumatic binding.
  12. sealskinz gloves

    I have had my sealskinz gloves for years. I finally wore holes in the web between the thumb and forefinger, most probably due to wearing them cycle commuting in the winter. They are excellent value and work well at temps just above freezing.
  13. AT skis -- Advice from the plab crowd?

    I am skiing Atomic TM22 Betarides, with diamir 3 bindings and Denali boots. The skiis are fantastic, no problems at all with the bindings. You lighter types can get away with the dynafit binding. The Denali boots are awesome skiing boots, but they are very stiff for touring, I have a hard time telling if they are in ski or walk mode without checking the lever - and that is while skiing groomed runs.
  14. Black Diamond Rocks!!!

    I have had no problems with my clipfix skins. Stretch them tight and don't be afraid to alter the clip to fit your skiis.
  15. Sizing down with intuitions

    Ditto on the smaller shell size. I did this with my Lowa Civetta's, and was impressed by how comfortable and precise the intuition liners made the boot.