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Cascade Haiku


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chucK said:

Don't you think each of the lines should be a somewhat complete thought? Running on into the next line is definitely cheating.


How about changing your first line to:

"Water falling down"



Then it would be way cool cool.gifbigdrink.gif.


Absolutely not. You're too anal. There's no cheating or rules (maybe guidelines) in poetry. Just shut up and write your own instead of worrying about mine. I certainly don't like all the poetry I read either!


Chuck,shove your rules up

your ass think about climbing

leave Haiku to others




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Car, boat, bus and trail

Sounded so simple at home

Now a real headache. mad.gif


The town of Holden

Scenic wonder of the hills

Built on toxic dirt.


Pleasant suffering

Crawling through the slide alder

Entering the wild. cantfocus.gif


Citadel of rock

towering into the clouds

bigger than we thought. shocked.gif


High on a north face

Our minds travel somewhere else

Time to go back down. crazy.gif


Percaset pillows

Seperate mind from body

Laughter fills the woods. mushsmile.gif


Camping in the woods

Twenty hours which to pass

It seems like forever. rolleyes.gif


Lead, zinc and copper

Elements of deadly brine

Waiting in mine shafts. the_finger.gif


Happy Luthernans

Frolicking in the mountains

On a toxic mine. fruit.gif




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Crisp temps are coming;

sending season has arrived!

So what's your next proj'?



Sportos in down coats

Lining up for Magic Light

Please take a number!



Great hordes of gumbies!

Who is next on Five-Gallon?!

What a clusterfuck!



Rockfall from Cocaine,

gonna get someone someday;

wouldn't stand down there!



Grasslands this weekend

full of unsubtle dopers

toking in full view



Zeb'/Zion ascents

seem to be in vogue this Fall.

From whence all the trads?



This route is scary;

I wish I had a stick clip.

I may wet my pants!



Hey you -- shit for brains!

Next time, brush off those crux grips!

You hosed my onsight!



Do you want beta?

'cause I've got that route wired,

and your sequence sucks.



Too many cars here!

Next time we'll show up early,

and park much closer!









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