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  1. [TR] Bachelor Summit Photo - 2/8/2006

    Hmm, where's Green lakes basin? Seems like it's between Broken-meister and South. I'm probably staring right at it. Carry on.
  2. They're watching

  3. How I improved my quality of life

    Leaning on fat ladies
  4. 5 Down, 1 to go!

    I had this weird nightmare the other night that I was at a performance of Beethoven's ninth, and the Choir was belting out "Ode to Joy". Except, they looked suspicious to me. So I snuck (sneaked? snacked?) backstage to get a closer look, and the choir was all machines, steam powered and controlled by this evil penguin who was sitting on top of this giant steam ball, and there were all sort of levers and shit around him. There was also one of those old time quitting time whistles right near his head, and every time he felt delighted, he'd spin around in his control console-chair thingy. I mean what the fuck!? He had the chair designed so he could swivel in delight?!!! Penguins are totally evil. Oops, I mean Eveel.
  5. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    Hey-y-y...that's a good.. whatever it is...Metaphor? I get it though. Good comparison.
  6. Me and You and Everyone We Know

    I fucked Big Bird and ate his unborn children. That was a huge fucking omelette. Then for some reason Mean Joe Green showed up and started singing to me that "It's alright to cry" I think Mel Brooks was there too. I gotta lay off the
  7. Me and You and Everyone We Know

    Well I'm so cool I listen to the Fiery Furnaces and the White Stripes. I was Emo before emo was emo. Or was that Elmo??
  8. simple useless political poll

    You must have a hell of a time voting. I vote for whomever makes me feel the least like I need a drink and a shower after I vote. Although I always feel like I need a drink and a shower after I vote.
  9. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    So that's what happens to the idiots that write for college newspapers, huh?
  10. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    I've been reading that motherfucker's garbage for over a year and a half now, and even tortured myself by trying to plow through one of his "books", "On Paradise Drive" After reading his drivel, I am fucking tired of him blathering on and on and on and on about how everything is either: A: Not as bad as "The Liberals" would have "you" believe, B: Not anybody's responsibility in the White House. C: The Democrats fault. Well Fuck YOU Brooks, I'm done with your idiotic rants. The only thing he's written lately that was actually thoughtful was about Harriet Miers. Oooh, careful! That's a hot potato! I mean everybody liked her! Oh wait, that's right...by the time you wrote your dumbass column on her, it was already a given that there was no fucking way she was being nominated! Note to Mr Brooks: Stop getting your opinions directly from Scott McLellan and form an independent thought once in a while. It hurts a little at first, and it's kind of scary, kind of like the first time you have to walk to the classroom all by yourself,but you'll get used to it. Good luck buddy!
  11. It's snowing!

    I can see the crazy colors, man!
  12. New Map of Florida

    Goodbye Manatees, Crystal Springs, Lake Okeechobee, and Everglades.
  13. New Scientist article on failing Gulf Stream

    Dudes, I'm telling you, "The day After Tomorrow" was more than just a movie, it was a fucking PROHPECY. Roland Emmerich knows shit, man!!
  14. Truck ads...

    I want a piece too, for you know, providing motivation. On another note, thoe geoduck things are fucking GROSS looking.
  15. Blue Balls

    Hey somebody tell me why I'm not getting any animation when I load that page.. WTF?